Hakamada Yoshihiko dating with sexy idol Kawanaka Ai

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Kawanaka Ai

Hakamada Yoshihiko (37) is having a good year. The popular actor was recently announced to the cast of next year's NHK taiga drama, and yesterday it was revealed that he is engaged to young "guravia aidoru" (pin-up model) Kawanaka Ai (25). According to a source close to the couple, they met through mutual friends about two years ago but only started dating this spring. Hakamada is said to have proposed about a month ago.

The couple plan to get married on August 8. But with Hakamada now in preparation for his key role as Toyotomi Hidenaga (1540 - 1591) in "Gou - Himetachi no Sengoku," which starts filming in September, it's likely that they won't have a wedding ceremony or reception until next year.


Japan Idol Shoko Nakagawa first time in mobile drama


Shoko Nakagawa

Idol and talento Shoko Nakagawa (25) has been given a starring role in a drama for the first time. She will play the lead in "Koi no Tadashii Houhou wa Hon ni mo Sekkeizu ni mo Notteinai," a mobile phone music drama being released through DOR@MO.

The drama is being handled by movie director Tetsuo Shinohara ("Heaven's Bookstore"). Nakagawa plays a librarian who has trouble connecting with others, but she meets an architect (played by D-BOYS member Hiroki Suzuki) and a slightly strange love story ensues. The drama's motif is the song "Sen no Kotoba to Futari no Himitsu," which Nakagawa is releasing as part of a double A-side single on August 18.

The story will last 10 episodes, with the first one being released on August 8. A trailer was already released on Monday.


V6 released 37th single Only Dreaming Catch



V6 is scheduled to release their 37th single called 「Only Dreaming/Catch」on September 1st. The track “Only Dreaming” is a theme song for V6 member Inohara Yoshihiko’s drama “Shin Keishichou Sousa Ikka 9 Gakkari Season 2″ and the other track “Catch” is a TV commercial song for Waseda Academy.

3 different versions of the singles album are expected to be released. The First one will be a limited edition titled VISUAL where it includes a DVD of a Music Video for “Only Dreaming” and “V6 ASIA & JAPAN TOUR 2009-2010 SPECIAL MOVIE (include Only Dreaming LIVE at KOBE).” Second limited edition titled MUSIC will include special songs from 20th Century and Coming Century. The Normal edition will include the songs “Crank it up!!” and “OK.”


Mika Nakashima

Female singer Mika Nakashima will release a new single on August 25th. The single will be called Ichiban kireina watashi o and will be used as the theme song for the drama "Unubore keiji". The song is described as a love song featuring piano.

Next to the title track, it will contain a remix of the song by REGGAE DISCO ROCKERS and an instrumental version. The limited edition of the single will also contain a DVD featuring the music video of Ichiban kirena watashi o.


Riko Narumi in movie Shojotachi no Rashinban


Narumi Riko

Teen actress Riko Narumi (17) will star in a mystery movie titled "Shojotachi no Rashinban," directed by Shunichi Nagasaki ("Nishi no Majo ga Shinda"). The film is based on a book that won a prize in the 1st Fukuyama Mystery Literature Newcomer Awards two years ago.

Set in Fukuyama, the story revolves around a group of four high school girls who were part of a legendary theatrical group called Rashinban (which means "compass"). The group went on hiatus after a member suddenly died, but four years later the truth behind her death is unraveled and a plan for revenge is set in motion.

Narumi's supporting cast consists of Shiori Kutsuna (17), Ayaka Morita (21), and Mayuu Kusakari (17). "Shojotachi no Rashinban" is scheduled for theatrical release next spring.


Azumi Uehara

Singer Azumi Uehara (26), best known for singing two ending themes to the "Meitantei Conan" anime series, is being suspected of fraud. This week's issue of Shukan Bunshun reports that Uehara is involved with a group that swindles men through "lover contracts," and that she has so far taken roughly 20 million yen from her targets.

According to Shukan Bunshun, Uehara used a fake name and profile on an internet message board to form an 8-month "lover contract" with someone. After receiving a typical payment of 2.5 million yen, she would sleep with him once before suddenly cutting off all contact. She is said to have swindled 10 men so far.

The magazine published photos of Uehara with the ringleader of the swindling group, along with other evidence such as a swindling manual that the group used. When asked for comment, Uehara's management agency only said that she was dismissed on July 19 for violating her contract and gave no further details.

Uehara made her debut at the age of 17 when she sang "Aoi Aoi Kono Hoshi ni" as the "Meitantei Conan" theme song. She released a total of 8 singles and 2 albums, but her career has effectively been on hold since her last release in 2006.


Satomi Ishihara dating with photographer Yasuyuki Emori


Ishihara Satomi

The latest issue of FRIDAY reports that popular actress Satomi Ishihara (23) was out on a date with 30-year-old photographer Yasuyuki Emori. The two were seen together at the end of last month in Tokyo's Setagaya ward.

According to FRIDAY, Emori drove Ishihara to a Chinese restaurant in Setagaya. After having a meal together, they went to a nearby Don Quijote discount store, where the reporter captured a photograph of the two getting along well as they browsed through the electronics section. FRIDAY also reported on another occasion when Ishihara was seen leaving Emori's apartment.

During his university days, Emori was discovered by director Genjiro Arato (63) and was chosen to handle the photography for the movie "Akame 48 Waterfalls." Since then, he has been gaining popularity. He first worked with Ishihara last year when he was in charge of the official photobook for Arato's "Ningen Shikkaku," which opened in theaters this past February. In that movie, Ishihara played the wife of lead actor Toma Ikuta.

Ishihara's agency explained that she and Emori are friends through work and are definitely not dating. Emori stated that the two have become close since "Ningen Shikkaku" finished filming last summer, but also denied that there is a romantic relationship.


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