Soari Hara and Yukiko Suo in film Sex and Zen

Jumat, 25 Februari 2011 |

Saori Hara Sex and Zen

Because of the huge success of 3D films in US, Hong Kong-based filmmakers group have started filming the first ever pornographic film in the world of 3D technology.

The US$3.2 million ’3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy’, are scheduled to be released in May. The news has has made a huge buzz within the pornography, technology, and film industry, as well as generated interest in different part of the globe, which includes Asia, Europe, and U.S.

The first ever 3D porn film will be based on The Carnal Prayer Mat, a classical Chinese erotic literature, and will be starred by top class Japanese porn actresses Saori Hara, Hong Kong busty Vonnie Lui and Yukiko Suo. The movie will narrate the story of a young man who undertakes a journey of eroticism in the world of a duke.

“Orgies” and “very graphic sex scenes” are expected to be part of the production, according to Sunday Morning Post report.

On the other hand, a European porn producer Mark Dorcel has declared that he and his team is planning to recreate the classic erotic film called Kama-sutra, which will take full advantage of the new stereoscopic 3D technology.

Izumi Mori has a affair with married man Ken Koshizoe


Izumi Mori

Weekly magazine FRIDAY reports in its latest issue that model and talento Izumi Mori (28) was having an affair with a married man. The man in question is Ken Koshizoe (57), whose wife is former actress Nobuko Kotegawa (48), the sister of actress Yuko Kotegawa (51).

Koshizoe is part of the management of the Japan Professional Surfing Association. Mori is a surfing fan, and she met Koshizoe years ago when she visited a surfing shop run by him. The two started dating about three years ago, and FRIDAY says they were recently living together in Mori's Tokyo home, while his wife thought that he was away on business trips. The magazine also took pictures of them spending the weekend at Mori's vacation home in Chiba.

However, Mori claims she didn't know that Koshizoe was married. She says that she only found out about it when FRIDAY tried to interview her. According to Mori's agency, she has already broken up with Koshizoe.

FRIDAY also reveals that this isn't the first affair for Koshizoe. At the time that he was going to marry Kotegawa, it appears that he was already a husband and father.


Saki Aibu in NTV drama Rebound


Saki Aibu Rebound

Saki Aibu (25) has the lead role in an NTV drama series called "Rebound," airing this spring on Wednesday nights at 10:00pm. The show will use special makeup to make Aibu's character appear to be as heavy as 85 kilograms in weight.

"Rebound" is an original script by screenwriter Kazuhiko Yukawa, whose past dramas include "Magerarenai Onna" and "Joou no Kyoushitsu."

Aibu plays Nobuko, the daughter of a tonkatsu shop owner who grew up on tonkatsu and cake. As a result, she weighed 60 kilograms by the time she graduated from elementary school, and at age 20 she weighed 85 kilograms. In order to turn her life around, she quits eating cake and sheds 37 kilograms, leading to her current career as the editor of a fashion magazine.

When she goes to interview the "sweet prince," a fashionable pastry chef played by Mocomichi Hayami (26), she winds up breaking her ban on cake and begins "rebounding" from her diet. She soon finds herself having to decide between her currently slim lifestyle and a delicious romance with the handsome patissier. The show also features Chiaki Kuriyama (26) playing Nobuko's good friend Hitomi.

Aibu and Hayami last co-starred together in the drama series "Zettai Kareshi."


Kyoko Fukada new film Yoake no Machi de


Kyoko Fukada Yoake no Machi de

In January, Kadokawa Pictures announced plans to distribute a film titled "Yoake no Machi de," based on a novel by Keigo Higashino. It has now been learned that the movie will be directed by Setsuro Wakamatsu ("Shizumanu Taiyo," "Whiteout"), featuring Goro Kishitani (46) and Kyoko Fukada (28) in the lead roles.

Higashino is said to have written the novel with inspiration from the Southern All Stars song "LOVE AFFAIR ~Himitsu no Date~." Set in Yokohama, the story revolves around a boss named Watabe (Kishitani) and one of his subordinates named Nakanishi (Fukada). The two have a chance encounter at a batting center, leading to an affair. However, Watabe soon learns that Nakanishi is suspected of murder. Her father's mistress was killed 15 years earlier, and the case is nearing its statute of limitations.

Filming is under way and is scheduled to finish in mid-March. Theatrical release is planned for fall of this year.


Masami Nagasawa in TBS drama Okujo no Aru Apato

Kamis, 17 Februari 2011 |

masami Nagasawa

TBS plans to broadcast a drama special titled "Okujo no Aru Apato" ("apartment with a rooftop") on March 21, starring actress Masami Nagasawa (23).

The story was originally a novel by Sawako Agawa, modeled after her experiences while she was living in an apartment in the United States. For the drama, the novel was adapted by screenwriter Noriko Yoshida ("Hanamizuki," "Nada Sousou").

Nagasawa plays a single 27-year-old woman named Asako, who begins working at an advertising firm after her previous company goes bankrupt. The drama focuses on this turning point in her life, as she deals with unemployment, job-hunting, and independence. The show's title refers to the apartment where Asako begins living on her own, surrounded by odd neighbors.

There is also said to be an element of romance between her and two older men, a company president played by Eisaku Yoshida (42) and an employee at a foreign company played by Haruhiko Kato (35).


Aoi Miyazaki in movie The End by Abbas Kiarostami


Aoi Miyazaki The End

Actress Aoi Miyazaki (25) is reportedly in talks to appear in the next film by internationally acclaimed Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami ("Taste of Cherry," "The Wind Will Carry Us"). The movie, titled "The End," is said to be a sequel of sorts to his 2010 movie "Certified Copy," which opens in Japan this coming weekend.

"Certified Copy," starring Juliette Binoche, was a love story set in Tuscany and was Kiarostami's first film shot outside Iran. "The End" will also be a love story, but it is planned to focus on a young couple in present-day Japan.

Miyazaki is currently in filming for Masato Harada's "Waga Haha," along with Koji Yakusho (55) and Kirin Kiki (68). She also recently finished with Kiyoshi Sasabe's "Tsure ga Utsu ni Narimashite," and before that she was working on Yoshihiro Fukagawa's "Kamisama no Karute" with Sho Sakurai (29).

Miyazaki's agency, Hirata Office, acknowledged that it has received an offer, but no contract has officially been signed yet.

According to Variety magazine, filming is expected to start in April. The movie will be a joint production between France's MK2 and Japan's Eurospace.


Yui Ichikawa TBS drama series Muscle Girl with Lee Hong Ki


Yui Ichikawa Muscle Girl

Actress Yui Ichikawa (25) has been chosen to star in the TBS drama series "Muscle Girl!" this spring. Her co-star will be FTIsland vocalist Lee Hong Ki (20), making his first appearance in a Japanese drama.

Ichikawa plays the part of Azusa, the only child of the owner of a small female pro wrestling organization. After her father dies of illness, she has to take over the business, which is already losing money and is on the verge of shutting down. To make things worse, their referee suddenly disappears on the day of one of their shows, leaving behind only a resignation letter. The desperate Azusa then runs into a young Korean man (Lee). She persuades him to serve as a referee just for that day, though she doesn't realize he is actually a popular star in Korea.

While the show will be about Azusa's struggle to turn the organization around, it is said that there will also be an element of romance between the two leads.

The wrestling scenes will be done with the help of two female pro wrestling groups, JWP and Ice Ribbon.

FTIsland will be providing the show's theme song, though the title is currently unknown. The show will run for 10 episodes in a late-night time slot, starting in April.


Yamashita Tomohisa in movie Ashita no Joe


Tomohisa Yamashita Ashita no Joe

On Friday, Tomohisa Yamashita (25) and other cast members participated in a stage greeting for the movie "Ashita no Joe" at the Toho Cinemas in Roppongi Hills. During the event, distributor Toho announced that the film will be opening in 9 different regions overseas, including France, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Brunei.

The Taiwan release date has been set for March 18, while the others have not yet been decided. It appears likely that they will be scheduled sometime during March, when Yamashita will already be traveling around Asia for the rest of his solo tour.


Junpei Mizobata in live action drama Detective Conan


Junpei Mizobata

The "Detective Conan" franchise is confirmed to be getting a third live-action drama special, airing on NTV this April. Although Shun Oguri (28) previously starred in the 2006 and 2008 drama specials, the new one will feature Junpei Mizobata (21) as the protagonist Shinichi Kudo. The female character Ran Mori will be played by actress Shiori Kutsuna (18).

The drama special was produced to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the animated series and its theatrical films. The newest movie, "Meitantei Conan: Chinmoku no 15-fun," opens on April 16.


Meisa Kuroki and Shingo Katori in drama Getsu 9

Kamis, 10 Februari 2011 |

Meisa Kuroki

SMAP's Shingo Katori (34) will star in Fuji TV's next Monday night drama series, it has been learned. The currently untitled series will have Katori playing a marriage agency advisor who prides himself on bringing together countless couples, with his motto of "the man who sells happiness." Meisa Kuroki (22) and Naohito Fujiki (38) have also been cast.

The screenplay is said to be an original love story. Kuroki plays one of Katori's clients, though she is "too beautiful" - the agency's advisors are not used to finding a match for someone like her. Although Katori begins to fall for her, he puts his effort into trying to set her up with the rich and handsome lawyer played by Fujiki.

This is Katori's fourth time starring in one of Fuji TV's "Getsu 9" dramas (Mondays 9:00pm). For Kuroki, this will be her first appearance in that time slot.

The series is scheduled to premiere in April.


Yuri Ebihara as a Samantha Thavasa model for JAL


Yuri Ebihara

Japan Airlines' Arashi-themed jet took its last flight on Monday. That same day, the airline held an event to introduce a new themed jet, this time for popular fashion brand Samantha Thavasa.

The jet, a Boeing 777-200 designated JA8983, is decorated with the Samantha Thavasa logo, as well as an image of model Yuri Ebihara (31). Ebihara's face will grace the jet during its three months of service, between February 8 and May 7. Like the Arashi jet, the Samantha Thavasa jet will be used for domestic flights.


Rina Takeda as female ninja in film Kunoichi


Rina Takeda

Action actress Rina Takeda (19) has been given her third starring movie role, playing a female ninja in a film titled "KUNOICHI."

Takeda has been practicing karate since the age of 10, winning multiple tournaments as a teenager. In 2008, she caught the attention of "Shaolin Shoujo" producer Fuyuhiko Nishi, leading him to cast her in his directorial debut, "High Kick Girl!" She also starred in the similar movie "KG: Karate Girl," which just opened in theaters this weekend.

In "KUNOICHI," Takeda plays a ninja who rescues women who have been taken captive. The film is directed by Seiji Chiba, known for wrks such as "Sengoku: Iga no Ran" and "Nukenin." The action director is Kensuke Sonomura, who coordinated the action scenes in "GANTZ" and other films such as Noboru Iguchi's "Machine Girl."

"KUNOICHI" will begin its theatrical run on March 19.


Ayumi Hamasaki release four remix album ayu-mi-x


Ayumi Hamasaki Ayu-mi-x

Ayumi Hamasaki has presented her fans seven new releases to look forward to, which will all be released on March 30th.

First of all, the pop star will release four remix albums from her "ayu-mi-x" series:
ayu-mi-x 7 -version House-, ayu-mi-x 7 -version Acoustic Orchestra-, ayu-mi-x 7 presents ayu trance 4 and ayu-mi-x 7 presents ayu-ro mix 4.
These albums are also featured in the collection ayu-mi-x 7 -Limited Complete Box-, which comes with an additional alternate mix and thirteen LP-sized posters as a bonus.

Ayumi’s singles have also been bundled on a new DVD, called A 50 Singles -Live Selection-, featuring live recordings from previous concerts between 2000 and 2010.

Finally, a DVD containg footage of one of Ayumi’s latest Rock'n'Roll Circus shows at Yoyogi National Gymnasium, entitled Rock'n'Roll Circus Tour Final -7days Special- will also be available in March.


Hideaki Takizawa in stage show Takizawa Kabuki


Hideaki Takizawa

Hideaki Takizawa is about to become a walking and talking history textbook as he plays famours warriors, leaders, and rebels in his upcoming stage show, it was revealed at a press conference in Tokyo on February 3, reports Sports Hochi, and Chunichi Sports.

It had been announced Takizawa would produce his upcoming stage show “滝沢歌舞伎 (Takizawa Kabuki)”, and play a series of historical Japanese figures including Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Nobunaga Oda, and Shiro Amakusa.

“I want younger people to get interested in history. I learnt the value of Japanese legends after working on a Taiga drama myself,” Takizawa said.

The show has been split into two parts with the first focussing on the 10 historical figures, followed by a second part where Takizawa reprises his show from last year, playing Taira no Masakado.

It has been reported the pop star will fill his show with large-scale special effects such as wire action, and is even planning on slipping in a historical woman character as one of the 10 heroes.

On top of his busy acting challenge, it will be the second time Takizawa has produced this show following his producer debut in 2010.

“(At last year’s show) I struggled because I hardly had any time for my own rehearsals. But it felt like a part of me was always on stage, even if I wasn’t in the scene. It also gave me the chance to see things from an audience’s point-of-view which helped me when I was trying to think of things that would make the fans happier,” he said.

It has also been reported the second part to the show will be different from last year.

“I got a lot of requests from fans saying they wanted to see a more evil me so I’m going to try and be as evil and scary as I can,” Takizawa said.

Of course, bloody scenes will not continue throughout the entire season becayse the star had revealed plans for the show’s second part to be replaced with a children’s show during the May public holiday season. It has been reported Takizawa had said he wanted to reprise his children’s hero role, TAKI-ranger, at this year’s show as well.

“Takizawa Kabuki” will be performed at Tokyo’s Nissay Theatre from April 8 to May 8.


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