Aino Kishi joined Idea Pocket Studio

Sabtu, 13 Maret 2010 |

Aino Kishi

Aino Kishi (希志あいの / KISHI Aino) is an Japan video actress and former gravure idol. She made her debut as a gravure idol in 2007 but only put out two photobooks before making the decision to switch to AV. She’s playing the lead role in the 2009 action/gore film “Samurai Princess”.

Now Aino Kishi has just joined one of the best JAV studios, Idea Pocket. Now Aino has been with Max-A for a long time before and I’ve adored her videos but this step really might take her to the next level in terms of stardom. That’s because Idea Pocket probably has the best production values in the whole JAV world. The videos they produce always are excellently and competently filmed, with good lighting and they manage to get great performances out of their JAV idols too.

Currently in my opinion there aren’t too many new interesting JAV actresses so it’s good to see some established performers stepping up and trying something new. It’s even better when one of them is one of my favorite actresses!

Now Aino already released her first video with Idea Pocket, you can see the cover to the left. It’s really good. I’ll be posting the video up here soon for you guys to download. She’s also coming out with a new video from Idea Pocket next month and I can’t wait to see it. I hope she’ll really unleash her huge potential finally. She also seems signed with S1 now so who knows, maybe that will lead to some great videos as well even though I am not exactly a fan of S1. Anyway I’ll keep you guys updated on what’s happening with Aino Kishi and some of the other JAV idol news that’s interesting. There’s always a lot of stuff going on the JAV scene so I’ll make sure to post the blog more often. Until then you can check out the image galleries and the other stuff we’ve got on offer here at JAV-Idols.

Aino Kishi Profile

Name : Aino Kishi (希志 あいの)
Born 02/01/1988
Zodiac: Aquarius
Home: Hokkaido
Breasts: 85 cm (33 in)
Cup: C
Waist: 57 cm (22 in)
Hips: 83 cm (33 in)
Height: 157 cm (5 ft 2 in)
Blood Type: AB
Updated: 04/28/09
Actress ID: 3023
Official Homepage:

Rin Sakuragi in Suster Keramas Video

Selasa, 02 Maret 2010 |

Rin Sakuragi

Rin Sakuragi suster keramas

Rin Sakuragi is a new Japanese AV who debutted in 2008. Her strong point is her innocent looking face. Rin Sakuragi now is famous in Indonesia, as she starred in film "Suster Keramas"

Movie "Suster Keramas" are produced by Maxima, and the feature Rin Sakuragi is a compensation because they failed to bring Miyabi aka Maria Ozawa. Rin Sakuragi herself was predicted to be more famous than Miyabi. Until now, Rin Sakuragi already perform in more than 20 films, including film Suster Keramas in 3gp. She rank #2 in Japanese AV.

Rin Sakuragi Profile

Rin Sakuragi (桜木凛)
Birthdate: March 3, 1989
Zodiac: Pisces
Birthplace: Hyogo, Japan
Blood type: B
Height: 158 cm (5 ft 2 in)
Measurements: 83-57-82 cm (33-22-32 in)
Cup: C65
Hobby: Watching movie, playing with dog
Special skill: Cooking

Watch Rin Sakuragi sexy scenes in movie "Suster Keramas" Video here

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