Tsubomi January idol ranking

It is the second month of 2010, but there are already a ranking for JAV in January 2010.

New to JAV City and wondering what these rankings are? The short answer is they’re based on DMM’s monthly sales rankings for digital downloads, DVD sales, and DVD rentals. To understand how the scoring works, read our post for our first ever rankings.

It’s the first rankings of 2010, although it’s for the sales data for the last month of 2009. You know how it goes, monthly rankings, Yuma Asami and Akiho Yoshizawa dominate, yada yada ya …. hold on a sec … what’s this? Tsubomi? At number 1?

Yes that’s right, someone new has final climbed to the top of the rankings! Thanks to a massive amount of new releases, the hard working Tsubomi has knocked Yuma Asami and Akiho Yoshizawa down a notch, to 2nd and 3rd respectively. Although Tsubomi did not finish first in any one category, she finished strong across the board allowing her to top the Queens of the Charts.

The first place finishers for the individual categories were Yuma Asami (digitial downloads), KAORI (DVD sales), and Risa Tsukino (DVD rentals). The other impressive showing for the month was Yua Kisaki who finished tied for 5th overall with Risa Tsukino. I think we may be seeing a changing of the guard here. Yuma and Acky will slowly start to give way to youngsters like Yua Kisaki and Risa Tsukino, and Tsubomi will be challenging Elly Akira (aka Yuka Osawa) for the Kink Queen title. I’m expecting Aino Kishi to make a splash over the next couple months as well once her Ideapocket and S1 videos start hitting shelves.

Yukari Fujima and Yuzuka Kinoshita debut on the chart this month. Yukari Fujimi is a former chakuero model who recently kicked off her AV career. Yuzuka Kinoshita just made her debut in November with Maxing.

And here are the full rankings:

Previous Name Digital DVD Sales DVD Rentals JAV Score
 1 Tsubomi  26 
 2 Yuma Asami 25 
 3 Akiho Yoshizawa 19 
 4 KAORI 18 
 5 Risa Tsukino 10  15 
 5 Yua Kisaki 21  15 
 7 Elly Akira 39 
 8 Yukari Fujima
 8 Minori Hatsune 15  62 
 10 Saya Yukimi 20  42 
 11 Rin Sakuragi 21  31 
 12 Yumi Kazama 38  40 
13 Mayu Nozomi 24 
14 Yuzuka Kinoshita 45 
15 Maki Houjou 12  15 
 15 Yukiko Suo 19  14 
 15 Rio 11  24 
 18 Meisa Hanai 30  10  66 
 18 Nao Ayukawa 34  24  10 

KAT-TUN new single Love Yourself released


Kat Tun

Recently, KAT-TUN members are being active in dramas and movies individually.
However, their new single "Love yourself ~君が嫌いな君が好き~" is going to release on February 10th. Members believe "This work will send our own messages" and it is also the theme song of the drama starring Kamenashi Kazuya "ヤマトナデシコ七変化 / Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge (The Wallflower)"

As Kamenashi reported in his blog, "This is Kamenashi Kazuya! The promotion activity of our new song is officially started! That's for today." Finally KAT-TUN seems to begin their movement. Though there are still a few days to go before the release date, what kind of activity they will have is more than attractive.

Meanwhile, Kamenashi is busy with filming the drama "The Wallflower".
Kamenashi: "We stayed up till 4am in the filming location a few days ago. We Yamanade (initial of Yamatonadeshiko) team had a hot pot on a stove? or a heater? anyway a warming equipment with solid fuel, watching the stars, falling into the hole, talking and sharing the secrets.... Kyohei (the character played by Kamenashi) felt so happy!"
But...what does "falling into the hole" mean?(laugh)

Don't miss out the new song KAT-TUN and dramas of individual members!

source: music japan plus

kawa Ebizo and Kobayashi Mao wedding in July


Kobayashi Mao

Kabuki actor Ichikawa Ebizo and newscaster Kobayashi Mao held a press conference [at Tokyo's Prince Park Tower] formally announcing their engagement to the press. While the actual wedding date and location have not been decided, Ichikawa stated that it should be around July. As for Kobayashi, she expressed that she will be leaving NEWS ZERO at the end of March.

Ichikawa and Kobayashi's relationship was revealed in November of last year. On December 24th, they officially got engaged at a hotel in Tokyo's Toranomon. This press conference marks the first time they appeared together in public.

When the press conference began, Ichikawa said: "We wanted to share the good news together. The two of us are now engaged. While we still have longs way to go, we'd like to ask everyone to continue giving us your support and guidance." When Ichikawa appeared alone at a press conference last year, he made a promise to 'love her for an eternity'. Reflecting on his promise, Kobayashi said: "It's very embarrassing. However, I feel very blessed."

Kobayashi later shared the words that won her over during his proposal. It was: 'I would choose you again and again in my next life.' She stated, "I hope from now on we can build a family together with endless laughter." As for her work, she expressed that she will be leaving NEWS ZERO at the end of March. She will still take on other work as long as it does not affect him or their family.

While the two have been engaged since December, the wedding ceremony has not been set. Ichikawa said "we'd like to take advantage of the summer and hold a wedding in July."

Ichikawa Ebizo and Kobayashi Mao Announces Engagement - Wedding Set for July
Source: 022net
Translated by: sparkles_n15 @ asianfanatics.net

Ayase Haruka as best actress in Blue Ribbon Awards


Ayase Haruka

Organized by the Association of Tokyo Film Journalists, the 52nd Blue Ribbon Awards will be presented next month on the 16th. However, the winners were announced yesterday. The most surprising win was for the Best Actress Award, which was awarded to Ayase Haruka for her role in Oppai Valley. She beat out the favourites including Matsu Takako and Bae Doona, taking her first Best Actress Award of the year. Dear Doctor won the award for Best Director, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, becoming the biggest winner at the awards.

Ayase faced stiff competition in the Best Actress category. Aside from Matsu Takako and Bae Doona, there was also Miyazaki Aoi for her role in The Shonen Merikensack and Hirosue Ryoko in Zero Focus. She was clearly surprised by her win, saying: "When the film company first asked me to appear in 'Oppai Valley', I was not thrilled with the name and even asked them to change it. However, now that I've won an award, it doesn't sound so bad afterall."

This is the fourth time Shofukutei Tsurube has been awarded the Best Actor Award for his role in Dear Doctor. He previously won the award at the Kinema Junpo Awards, the Nikkan Sports Film Awards, and the Tokyo Sports Film Awards. The movie itself received a total of five nominations. Aside from winning the Best Actor Award, it also won Best Director and Best Supporting Actor for Nishikawa Miwa and Eita respectively. As for the film Shizumanu Taiyo, starring Watanabe Ken and Miura Tomokazu, it also had five nominations going into the awards, but came out empty handed. The Best Supporting Actress Award went to Fukada Kyoko for her role in Yatterman. The award follows her win at the Tokyo Sports Film Awards in the same category.

Currently one of the most popular rising stars, Okada Masaki won the Best Newcomer Award for his movies Juryoku Pierrot and Honokaa Boy. He was originally suppose to enter his second year of university, however he revealed that he withdrew from school towards the end of last year. He said: "Should I pick my studies or my work? I really questioned myself for a long time. While I know there will be lots of people going against my decision, I've finally decided to place my work first." The Best Film Award went to 70 old year director Kimura Daisaku's Tsurugidake Ten no ki. Kimura also won the award for Best New Director. He laughed, saying "At 70 am I still considered a newcomer?"

Ayase Haruka Comes From Behind to Take the Best Actress Award
Japan's Blue Ribbon Awards Favours Oppai Valley
Source: Mingpao
Translated by: sparkles_n15 @ asianfanatics.net

Matsuyama Kenichi and Koyuki has been dating


matsuyama Kenichi

Matsuyama Kenichi and Koyuki have been rumoured together since collaborating on the film Kamui last year. While the two never admitted to the rumours at first, earlier in the week both parties finally acknowledged the relationship while attending separate functions. It seems their relationship has reached a new level. The latest issue of Japanese magazine Josei Seven reports that Matsuyama has moved in with Koyuki and her family. It seems like her family has already accepted Matsuyama as their son-in-law. Apparently Koyuki began renovating her house last fall to prepare for Matsuyama.

However, when the magazine interviewed Matsuyama's mother, she said she was unaware of the move. But a close source to the couple said that it's only because Matsuyama has not informed his mother yet.

Matsuyama Kenichi Moves In with Koyuki
Source: Mingpao
Translated by: sparkles_n15 @ asianfanatics.net

Yui single Gloria top oricon chart



YUI's latest song, "GLORIA," topped the weekly charts with close to 81,000 in sales, giving her a fourth consecutive #1 single. She is only the second female singer-songwriter to achieve four in a row, after Hikaru Utada did it seven years ago.

Kumi Koda's newest single came in at #2 this week, followed by Mika Nakashima and a "Hetalia: Axis Powers" character CD. Last week's chart-topper by Nana Mizuki fell to #5.

The bottom half of the singles top ten were all new releases: Nakano Fujoshi Sisters, Kalafina, Guardians 4, Choshinsung, and Do As Infinity.

On the albums chart, GIRL NEXT DOOR came out on top with their sophomore album "NEXT FUTURE," selling over 56,000 copies. THE YELLOW MONKEY (#6) and SOPHIA (#10) also made the top ten.

Meanwhile, Tegomass reached #1 on the overall DVD charts with their first tour DVD. The last music artist to rank #1 overall with a first DVD was RADWIMPS in 2007.


Utada Hikaru end up relationship with boyfriend


Hikaru Utada

Pop star Hikaru Utada (27) has reportedly broken up with her boyfriend. She was dating an artist eight years older than her, but sources say they drifted apart due to a lack of time together.

The media in Japan first reported on Utada's relationship last September, though the singer said that she had already revealed the romance in earlier interviews in the U.S. However, Utada started preparing for her current overseas tour, resulting in less time for the couple. They ultimately broke up, and now Utada is focused on her music career.

Her tour started on January 15 in Honolulu and visits a total of eight cities in the U.S. After that, she will perform in London on February 12.

Utada has been one of the top artists in Japan since her 1999 debut album "First Love," which currently holds the record as the best-selling Japanese album of all time. She unexpectedly married director Kazuaki Kiriya (41) in 2002, but they divorced in 2007.


Arashi Ninomiya Kazunari
Asami Mizukawa

The latest Shuukan Josei reports that Arashi member Ninomiya Kazunari and Nodame Cantabile actress Mizukawa Asami went out for a meal together at a nabe restaurant in Shibuya. While Ninomiya is rumoured to be dating Nagasawa Masami, many speculate it was done behind her back, or that he was seeing both of them at the same time. However, it's said that Ninomiya and Mizukawa became good friends after collaborating together in Abunai Hokago back in 1999. Mizukawa also collaborated with Nagasawa in the 2008 drama Last Friends. So perhaps it was entirely a friendly outing.

In other news, Aoi Yu, who did voice work along with Ninomiya in the manga Tekkon Kinkreet, has been rumoured to have broken up with V6 member Okada Junichi. She has supposedly gotten close to actor Omori Nao, currently in the Taiga drama Ryoma Den. They were spotted eating together twice in one week.

Ninomiya Mizukawa Together at Nabe Restaurant
Source: Mingpao
Translated by: sparkles_n15 @ asianfanatics.net

Jun Matsumoto hurt in car accident


Matsumoto Jun

Arashi member Jun Matsumoto (26) was involved in a minor car accident on Monday. Fortunately, neither he nor the driver of the other car was hurt.

At about 11:15pm on Monday, Matsumoto was driving in Tokyo's Meguro ward when he rear-ended the car of a female Tokyo resident. Police say that both drivers were trying to stop at a red light, but the street had a downward slope and the road was slippery due to snow.

Although neither party was injured, the front bumper of Matsumoto's car and the rear bumper of the woman's car were damaged.

Ueno Juri in drama Gou Himetachi no Sengoku


Ueno Juri

NHK has announced the lead for its 2011 taiga drama series. Titled "Gou ~Himetachi no Sengoku~," the drama will star actress Juri Ueno (23) and is based on an original script by "Atsuhime" writer Kumiko Tabuchi.

Ueno will play the role of Gou, also known by other names such as Oeyo and Ogo. She was the third daughter of the daimyo Azai Nagamasa and Oichi-no-kata, the sister of Oda Nobunaga. She was also known for being the wife of Tokugawa Hidetada, the second shogun of the Tokugawa dynasty. Gou's two older sisters were famous historical figures as well - as the eldest, Yodo, was the wife of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and the second, Hatsu, was the wife of Kyogoku Takatsugu.

This will be Ueno's first time acting in a historical drama. "Gou" is NHK's 50th taiga drama, and only its 10th with a woman as the main character.


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