Takako Kitahara Sexy Japanese with Big Hips

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takako kitahara

Takako Kitahara was one of the most popular Japanese stars. Takako Kitahara stood out from the rest of girls because of her large and sexy hips. Anybody who likes hips surely who love Takako Kitahara. Along with the sexy hips, she sports a large curvy and sexy body. She was a full figure Japanese star. Very rare in the small petite Japanese girls. Takako worked under S1 studio and Maxing.

Like another sexy idol, Riko Tachibana, Takako Kitahara is retired now.

Takako Kitahara (北原多香子)
Birthdate: December 6, 1985
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Height: 163 cm (5 ft 4 in)
Measurements: 90-60-90 cm (35-24-35 in)
Cup size: F70

Anna Aoi and Reina Aoi in Sabra Magazine


reina aoi anna aoi

Twin Sisters, Anna Aoi and Reina Aoi appearing on Sabra magazine. Sabra Magazine is a Japanese men magazine similar to Maxim and FHM where they write about pretty girls, gadgets and general men’s interest.

Anna Aoi and Reina Aoi is a beautiful and talented twin birth of Idol this year.

Anna Aoi Profile :
Name : Anna Aoi
Japanese Name : 蒼あんな
Birth Date : August 28 1987
Birth Place : Tokyo
Bood Type : A
Height : 157
Size Measurement : B80, W58, H82
Hobbies : walking, travel
Specialty : English, calligraphy.

Reina Aoi Profile :
Name : Reina Aoi
Japanese Name : 蒼れいな
Birth Date : August 28 1987
Birth Place : Tokyo
Blood type : A
Height : 157
Size Measurement : B80, W58, H82
Hobbies : walking, cooking, horseback riding
Talent : calligraphy.

Mr.Children tops Oricon artist ranking


mr children

Since 2004, Oricon Style has conducted an annual survey of roughly 20,000 music fans, asking them to name their favorite artists. So far, only Hikaru Utada and aiko have ever been ranked #1, but this time Mr.Children came out on top, fueled by the popularity of their most recent album, "SUPERMARKET FANTASY."

1. Mr.Children
2. Hikaru Utada
3. Masaharu Fukuyama
4. Arashi
5. Kobukuro
6. Ikimono Gakari
7. aiko
8. Ayaka
9. B'z
10. Southern All Stars


Japan Singer Gackt spend Christmas with fans



GACKT, now the President of the School Council of 'Kamui Gakuen', lately has lots of things on his mind. [Kamui Gakuen (神威楽園)' is the name of an imaginary school and a series of fan club events being held by GACKT. Fans participating in the events must come wearing school uniforms.] Fellow students (fans) will probably like to know what he's been thinking about. Let's take a look at his blog! [For the following entry GACKT wrote as the 'President'. The 'President' refers to GACKT in third person.]

President: "What? You want to know what I'm doing right now? I'm in my car mulling over plans for December. I have just been thinking that spending Christmas with you 'students'...might be a good idea."

Christmas is the final big event before New Year's Day, and now there's a chance the fans will be able to spend it with GACKT!
Also, the President had one more thing to say.

President: "By the way...GACKT's new song '雪月花 -The end of silence- / Setsugetsuka -The end of silence-' is a masterpiece! Every time I listen to it, I'm moved to tears..."

Judging from what the President said the new GACKT single is well worth checking out. It will go on sale on December 9th!

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V6 Morita Go to Appear in Theater Production


v6 moritago

The press conference for the theater production '血は立ったまま眠っている / Chi wa Tatta-mama Nemutte-iru [lit. 'Blood is Sleeping while Standing']' was held. The play directed by Ninagawa Yukio will begin in January 2010. The cast including V6 member Morita Go and actor Kubozuka Yosuke attended as well.

It will be Kubozuka's first time to appear in a play. He used some unique expressions to voice his thoughts. "I've always wanted to appear in a theater production, but I didn't have the right opportunity. Since this is my first time, I feel like I'm going into an unexplored jungle stark naked. But with Ninagawa-san as the coordinator I'm sure everything will be okay. I'll just follow his lead."
The play was originally written by poet/dramatist Terayama Shuji. Although 25 years have passed since his death, he still has a lasting influence on theater, film, poetry and other artistic fields. '血は立ったまま眠っている / Chi wa Tatta-mama Nemutte-iru' was the first play written by Terayama when he was 23. It is based on an early short poem made by Terayama, and the poem goes '1本の樹の中にも流れている血があるそこでは、血は立ったまま眠っている (Blood runs through trees, and the blood sleeps while standing)'. The story takes place during the political turmoil of the 1960s caused by the signing of the 'Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan'. Against that backdrop it portrays the anger and torment of a group of young characters.
Morita has never worked with Ninagawa before, and seemed a bit nervous. "I'm very honored for being chosen as a cast member. Ninagawa-san told me 'Act freely and do whatever you want to do.' Those words made me feel more pressure. There are many accomplished and unique actors among the cast, so I will learn as much as I can from them and practice hard." Morita will play the role of a terrorist. Fans will get to see a whole new side of Morita.

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Noriko Sakai husband Takaso gets suspended


yuichi takaso

Yuichi Takaso (41), the husband of actress Noriko Sakai (38), received his sentence on Friday at the Tokyo District Court. Found guilty of multiple counts of drug possession and use, he was given a 2-year prison sentence, suspended for 4 years.

Sakai received her own sentence a couple weeks ago - 18 months, suspended for 3 years. In Takaso's case, prosecutors had sought a longer sentence for reasons such as his heavier drug use and a larger amount of drugs found in his possession. Given that Takaso was the one obtaining the drugs, prosecutors also argued that the probability of a repeat offense is high.


Ryoko Yonekura as "Koshonin" movie cast


yonekura ryoko

The additional cast members of the "Koshonin" movie have been revealed. The movie, first announced in July, is based on the popular TV Asahi drama series that is currently in its second season.

Like the drama series, the "Koshonin" film will star Ryoko Yonekura (34) as a police negotiator. She will be joined by the other main characters from the show, but six new names have been added to the cast of the movie: Takashi Sorimachi (35), Kento Hayashi (18), Hiroki Narimiya (27), Toshiro Yanagiba (48), Isao Hashizume (68), and Masahiko Tsugawa (69). One of them will be the criminal responsible for a bombing and a hijack.

Some details about their characters are known. Tsugawa is a former leading journalist; Hashizume is a politician with ambitions of becoming Prime Minister; Narimiya is the president of an IT venture company; Yanagiba is the pilot of the hijacked plane; Sorimachi and Hayashi are passengers on the plane.

The "Koshonin" movie will open in theaters on February 11.


higashiyama noriyukikimura yoshino

Shonentai's Noriyuki Higashiyama (43) has reportedly found love. He is said to be seriously dating actress Yoshino Kimura (33), with the prospect of getting married next spring.

Based on multiple sources close to the couple, their relationship started in March 2008 when they acted together in Yukio Ninagawa's production of "Farewell My Concubine." At that time, Higashiyama had broken up with actress Rina Uchiyama (28) about half a year earlier, while Kimura had barely broken up with Yusuke Iseya (33).

The two are said to frequently be spending time together, and Higashiyama has even shared a meal with Kimura and her parents. Kimura has also reportedly informed a few of her close friends that they are getting married.


Big Bang and TVXQ receive the Japan Gold Artist Award


bigbang tvxq

On the Best Hit Song Awards 2009 aired through Japan TV on the 26th, two of Korea's favorite male idol groups received the Gold Artist Award. They were none other than Big Bang and TVXQ.

This has actually been the second THIRD time for the senior TVXQ boys to claim this glorifying title, whereas it's a first for the rookie Big Bang boys who only debuted in Japan five months ago (though they have released many ENG songs in 2008)

As many already know, TVXQ is still in a dispute with SM Entertainment regarding their unfair contracts. Due to this reason, the special stage for this event was extra special for the fans who have waited a long time to see the five boys come together as one again. U-Know Yunho expressed during rehearsal, "I really want to go up on stage. I am very happy to be awarded the Gold Artist Award."

source : allkpop

Kirara Asuka Best Actress at 2009 AV awards

Selasa, 24 November 2009 |

TOKYO – You’ve come a long way, baby, and in such a short time.

Slightly more than a year after her video (AV) debut, “Miracle Bust,” Kirara Asuka was crowned Best Actress at the Sky PerfecTV! AV Broadcasting Awards 2009 ceremony last month.

“I am delighted,” gushed the 20-year-old actress, attired in a shimmering, low-cut evening gown that gave the assembled crowd numerous chances to view her 90-centimeter miracles.

The light-hearted event, in its fifth year and held in a theater within the love hotel area of Tokyo’s Shibuya district, was a mix of ceremonies and competitions for the top 15 female performers from the lineup of channels on satellite broadcaster Sky PerfecTV!, which provides numerous fetish, bondage, and animation programming.

As a quick Internet search will reveal, Asuka, representing Rainbow Channel, is recognized as one of Japan’s budding AV talents. The selection then of Cherry Bomb’s Haruka Ito as Best New Actress from a field of nominees that included Asuka was likely considered something of an upset. Ito, for whom the event’s guide describes as “very pure” and with a shining smile, was incredibly appreciative. “This is not just mine,” said the newcomer, “it’s the result of the support of everyone.”

Industry insiders estimate that today there are hundreds of companies making more than 3,000 porn features a year in Japan with a market value of ¥100 billion. Though the productions can be completed in a matter of days, this is a substantial figure considering data from The Motion Picture Producers Association of Japan reported that 418 regular Japanese films were released in theaters last year.

Yuma Asami, who last year took the Most Appearances crown, made a guest showing to present the award to this year’s winner, 40-year-old Chisato Shoda (Dynamite TV), who is known for her maternal roles in incest-themed features.

“Simply, I am surprised,” beamed the actress most likely to make a pass at her on-screen son. Perhaps an unpleasant omen to her fans, however, was her apprehensive agreement with the MC when he suggested that her number of films had actually been decreasing lately.

Aside from the simple math that tabulated Shoda’s win, the trophies were determined through a combination of organizational committee and online voting by fans, which took into account the roughly 10,000 programs broadcast in 2008.

Other winners included Emiko Koike (Power Plat’s), 33, who was voted Best Mature Actress, the title Shoda claimed in 2007. Paradise TV was represented by Momo Kaede, who took the Best Program prize for her contributions to the channel’s “Nude Sign Language News,” which sees the actress delivering news segments via sign language and disrobing in between motions. Asuka finished the evening double-fisted, also walking away with the award for Best Production in HD (high definition), in which the idol starred as a sex worker (”Kirara’s Amazing Technique: Soap Pro”).

The evening’s proceedings started with three tests of skill, for which the ladies were dressed in sneakers, pink shorts and white tank tops and placed within a mock classroom. Audience applause determined the winner of each examination.

In the erotic reading competition, the crowd selected Anje Hoshi (Channel Ruby) for having skillfully conveyed the tale of a nurse who assisted a male patient in relieving excess sexual tension. Midnight Blue’s Kotono won a game of charades, which tested the ability to visually describe such random items as a banana, a condom, and lotion. Kaho Kasumi (Manzox Channel), who last summer participated in Paradise TV’s 24-hour AIDS telethon by selling products live on the air, took the “air sex” contest by showing great interest in the MC’s microphone as he held it in his crotch area.

Yet for being deemed the most kinky performer in the three battles, Kasumi’s “penalty” was to dazzle the crowd by stripping down from her competition uni behind a transparent screen and emerge in a black, skin-fitting bunny suit and fishnet stockings. “The costume is a bit snug,” said Kasumi, who then added that she would do her best to continue with her erotic ways in the future.

Just before the ceremony concluded with the usual panty-toss to the audience by the participating girls, last year’s Best Actress recipient, Rio, took the stage to offer some words of encouragement to the new AV queen.

“After I won I had such a great year and received tremendous support from my fans,” Rio told Asuka, gripping the translucent statue. “I hope you will use this as an opportunity to further excel in your career.”

Kirara Asuka Profile and Vital Stats :

Name: Kirara Asuka 明日花キララ
Birthdate: 1988-10-02
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Blood type: A
Height: 162 cm
Body Measurements: Bust:90cm Waist:58cm Hips:83cm
Special skill: Bridge

Riko Tachibana Tall Retired japan Idol

Kamis, 19 November 2009 |

riko tachibana

Riko Tachibana (立花里子, Tachibana Riko is a popular Japanese movie star. Tachibana debuted in 2003 and appeared in many videos which emphasized her height. Riko appeared in over 200 AV movies. Tachibana Riko retired on March 2008.

Riko Tachibana Profile :
Riko Tachibana (立花里子)
Alias: Satoko Tachibana
Birthdate: November 10, 1984
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 168 cm (5 ft 6 in)
Measurements: 83-61-89 cm (33-24-35 in)

Shaku Yumiko Japanese gravure idol


shaku yumiko

Shaku Yumiko is a Japanese gravure idol, actress, and former singer. In a spring 2004 episode of Waratte Ii Tomo!, Yumiko had to participate in archery. Although she admitted she was poor at the sport, the game was manipulated in her favor and she still did not win.

Shaku Yumiko Profile :
Name: Shaku Yumiko, 釈由美子
Birthdate: June 12th, 1978
Birthplace: Tokorozawa-shi, Saitama
From: Kiyose-shi, Tokyo, Japan
Height: 164cm
Bust: 85cm
Waist: 58cm
Hips: 84cm

JAV Idol Ranking according to DMM based on DVD Sales and rental sales for the month of October 2009. Yuma Asami crawled back to her usual #1 spot while Rin Sakuragi dropped down one below from last month. Japanese Beautiful Akiho Yoshizawa is only placed in number 3. However, the cutie Tina Yuzuki ranked no.7.

There are a lot of new faces in the top 10 ranking with Risa Tsukino #5, Miku Ohashi #9 and Yui Igawa #10 taking the latter half of the ranking.

Here is the list ranking of the idol.

1 Yuma Asami
yuma asami

2 Rin Sakuragi
sakuragi rin

3 Akiho Yoshizawa
akiho yoshizawa

4 Yuka Ozawa
Yuka Ozawa

5 Risa Tsukino
risa tsukino

6 Rio Hamasaki
rio hamasaki

7 Tina Yuzuki (RIO)
yuzuki tina

8 Tsubomi

9 Miku Ohashi
miku ohashi

10 Yui Igawa
yui igawa

miss universe japan hiroko mima

CYBERSPACE has erupted with talk of two Miss Universe contestants involved in a threesome with a fine arts photographer.

Miss Universe Japan 2008 Hiroko Mima and Miss Universe Trinidad and Tobago 2008 Anya Ayoung-Chee are said to have had sex with Anya’s boyfriend Wyatt Gallery, and with each other.

Some websites even claim to have an intimate video of the alleged sexual escapades of the trio.

One website claimed it had four videos, along with pictures, of the two girls and Wyatt “having a really good time.”

The website also made comparisons with Carrie Prejean, a former Miss California who lost her crown following the release of her semi-nude photos. Later on, the discovery of a sex tape featuring Prejean created more controversy.

The website said: “Carrie Prejean may be getting an offer for a one-time payment to allow her solo tapes to be sold and distributed, but Hiroko and Anya should get full-time contracts. These two girls are pros.”

A Miss Universe pageant spokesman responded to the scandal by saying: “This was apparently eight months after the pageant and neither were the reigning titleholder.

“The photographer is not a Miss Universe staffer so we have nothing to say or any involvement, thank goodness.”

Celebrity website TMZ, however, said the sex tape was only half as authentic.

The website claimed to have spoken to Gallery who said the footage was stolen from his laptop in an attempt to sabotage Anya’s career.

According to TMZ, Gallery confirmed Anya was in the video. However, the other woman was not Hiroko but “just a really, really, really close friend.”

“I feel horrible and embarrassed for Anya, her family and myself … because this was a private moment that was never supposed to be made public. This was an intentional, malicious sabotage against Anya and her career … and I feel stupid for not deleting the files off of my computer,” Gallery told TMZ.

The footage is believed to have been shot in New York in 2007.

Hiroko attended Nihon University and her major is physical education.

Shortly after losing her grandmother, who died when she slipped on the bathroom floor, Mima lost her father in a car accident before winning Miss Universe Japan 2008.

Anya hails from the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, born in the very cosmopolitan city of Port-of-Spain, the only girl in a family of eight, according to Wikipedia.

From an early age she pursued classical ballet training. However, it was during her attendance at an all girls secondary school that she discovered her true calling lay in art and design.

She continued her education in London and New York, gaining experience in Graphic and Interior Design.

For the record, Venezuela’s Stefania Fernandez, 18, made history, beating 82 competitors to win the Miss Universe crown in August for her country’s second consecutive victory.


Erika Sawajiri gives up studying for Spanish nightlife


erika sawajiri

Very little has been heard about actress Erika Sawajiri after she was dismissed from her agency a month and half ago. She left for Spain in late September, avoiding the eyes of the media. The actress has not been seen anywhere nor has she made any public statements.

Most people who know her haven’t the slightest clue as to what she is doing. Asked about Sawajiri’s whereabouts, an acquaintance commented, “She used to contact me shortly after her arrival in Spain, saying she was having difficulties with the language and that she had too much time on her hands. It sounded as though she wanted to return to Japan, and I was a bit concerned about problems with her husband. I haven’t heard from her at all recently. I want to know what’s going on.”

The actress’ life in Spain had been a mystery until recently when it was confirmed that she had been attending classes at a language school located in the inner city district of Barcelona. According to the language instructor, “It was shortly before summer that a very pretty girl from Japan joined the class. I often saw her sitting outside drinking coffee… Her name’s Erika Takashiro. I heard she’s a famous actress in Japan. She was attending class with her husband.”

According to the school staff, the couple had signed up for a short-term intensive course that cost 2,000 euros per student. Apparently, though, their studies didn’t last too long. The instructor confirmed that the two stopped attending after a month.

Sawajiri lives in the vicinity of this language school, an area popular among the art and fashion minded, with stylish cafes and boutiques as well as historical structures. A Japanese expatriate residing in Barcelona says, “I happen to frequent a restaurant that Takashiro visits regularly. The staff there told me that the couple wasn’t satisfied with a rental apartment that cost 1,500 euros and chose a more expensive place. 1,500 euros is like a 100-square-meter apartment. They must have gotten a pretty extravagant apartment.”

Sawajiri was known for clubbing before her agency terminated their contract, and indeed there are several clubs that would be to her liking in the same area. However, she seems to have found a different way to keep herself entertained. A nightclub staff explained about a “secret” party that requires a member’s introduction to join. “No paparazzi or police, so celebrities can have fun with no worries. Takashiro is well acquainted with DJs overseas, so he has the connections. It’s hard to find out when and where such parties are held because they use coded messages to pass on information.”

And so it appears Sawajiri is enjoying the Spanish nightlife instead of studying. The question is, how long will this last? “She must be getting pretty bored by now,” says a friend of Sawajiri. “She has her pride as an actress and knows well how much she can earn. Something’s bound to happen soon.”


Kyoko Hasegawa in Dragon Zakura Gaiden


kyoko hasegawa

31-year-old actress Kyōko Hasegawa will star in a live-action drama adaptation of Norifusa Mita’s Angel Bank: Dragon Zakura Gaiden workplace manga next year. As a loose sequel to the 2005 Dragon Zakura drama, Angel Bank Tenshoku Dairinin (Angel Bank, Occupational Change Agent) will premiere in January.

Hasegawa will reprise her role of Mamako Ino, an English teacher at one of Japan’s roughest schools, Ryūzan High School. After nine years of teaching, Ino decides to “reset” her life and meets with Yasuo Ebisawa (Gokusen and Trick’s Katsuhisa Namase), a charismatic “occupational change agent” who advises people on switching jobs. However, Ebisawa ends up hiring Ino as an occupational change agent herself. Together with her work partner Ryōta Taguchi (Gegege no Kitaro, Brave Story’s Eiji Wentz), Ino helps others switch gears in their livelihoods and transform the rest of their lives.

Mita launched his Angel Bank: Dragon Zakura Gaiden manga in Kodansha’s Weekly Morning magazine in 2007, and the ninth compiled book volume will ship next month. The original Kodansha Manga Award-winning Dragon Zakura manga ran in the same magazine from 2003 to 2007, and 21 book volumes were published. The Dragon Zakura manga also inspired the 2005 live-action television drama in which Hasegawa first played the Ino character. This will be Hasegawa’s first drama role after she gave birth to a boy in May.


Kyoko Fukuda-Sato Ryuuta in “Massugu na Otoko”


kyoko fukada
sato ryuuta

Fuji TV announced another new dorama for the upcoming season. Their next Tuesday-10pm dorama will be called “Massugu na Otoko” (Straight Man) and feature Sato Ryuuta in his first role since he became a father of a baby girl back in October. Pursuing a straight life as a father, this might be the perfect role for him. “I’d like to become a proper father and more mature in general, not only as an actor but also as the master of a household.” He commented. Fukada Kyoko will take the role of the heroine.

“Massugu na Otoko” will be a human comedy featuring Sato as a natural and honest single male. There will be moments of laughter, moments of tears and, of course, moments of love. His role will be that of 30 year-old worker at a construction company who has to climb over his own incompetency. In February he will turn 30 as well. “I’d like to become a firm man at heart, and by playing this role I might fight some ways to achieve it. Those are my personal feelings, but I’m really happy to get the chance to work on such a wonderful dorama in the perfect timing with the birth of my daughter.” He said with a smile.

Fukada is going to play a woman who makes fun of him all the time. She’s a very arrogant person who subsists on part-time work only, but before she knows she’s falling for that man who desperately tries to find his way back on the right way. It’s their first time working together. “He’s said to be a hot-tempered person, so I’d like to become just as hot-tempered in order not to loose against him.”

It seems like that Fukada’s role might even become pregnant throughout the series and the chances for Sato becoming a father on TV again are high as well. Of course they won’t reveal whether they’ll really go this way for the plot, but it would be a nice to see a reenactment of Sato’s expression when he became a father.


Keiko Kitagawa is deaf in new dorama


keiko kitagawa

Saito Rie’s best-seller “Hitsudan Hostess” (Hostess who communicates in writing) about a how she became the No.1 hostess in whole Ginza despite her handicap of not being able to hear anything will be turned into a dorama by TBS. It will start airing in January and feature actress Kitagawa Keiko in the starring role. This might be Kitagawa’s most difficult so far, after all she has to play a character with hardly any spoken lines. However, she is said to have obtained amazing calligraphy skills in her childhood and now she finally has the chance to put them to use by portraying Saito’s interesting life so far.

The book only got released in May this year, but it already sold over 115,000 copies. Her life became a big topic in the publishing world and even already spawned a manga as well as another book related to her story. Born in Aomori, Saito lost her ability to hear at the age of 1. Her parents have been very strict and during junior high school she eventually became a juvenile delinquent and ran away from home several times. She started working in a local club and many customers were charmed by her unique way of communicating. Later she moved to a bigger club in Ginza, Tokyo and become one of the most popular hostesses in that area.

Kitagawa read the book as well and was very touched. “I’ll study everything about how you have to live as a deaf person, from your way of communicating, your facial expressions to all other kinds of habits. I’ll put my everything into this role.” During her childhood she made calligraphy and writing in general to one of her specialties. “I’m very familiar with expressing yourself through letters and the way you write them.” About being able to play as Saito very soon, she commented, “We are living in a world with really plenty of people, but there will always be someone who feels lonely. That’s the time we live in these days, so I’d like everyone who ever experienced such loneliness to watch this dorama.”

Tanaka Yoshiko will play the role of Saito’s mother.


Yamashita Tomohisa is hot right now


yamashita tomohisa

Just how popular is Johnny’s heartthrob Yamashita Tomohisa (24) right now? Well the media are making a lot of the fact that he already has another prime time drama scheduled for January, just two seasons after his latest headliner. He played the lead role of a basketball player in the summer Fuji TV drama series “Buzzer Beat – Gakepuchi no Hero,” which aired in the “golden” Monday 9pm time slot.

Oguri Shun now occupies the autumn slot with the drama “Tokyo Dogs,” but will hand over to the second series of Fuji’s “Code Blue – Doctor Heli Kinkyu-kyumei” in January. This is described as the first time it has happened since the time slot became a fixture for the most popular drama series in 1987. And the return of Code Blue, in which “Yama-P” plays a medical helicopter pilot cadet, is in itself an indication of the popularity of its star.

The show also has some hot young female stars, including Aragaki Yui (21), Toda Erika (21), and Higa Manami (23). But perhaps the biggest indicator of Yama-P’s popularity is the fact that his image barely appears on the Fuji website for the show. A Google search reveals only distorted images from the original series or scans of DVD covers and the like. That’s how protective Johnnys are of their hottest properties.


12,000 attended Japan V6’s latest concert


v6 concert

On November 15th the popular group V6 held a concert at Olympic Hall in Seoul, Korea. It was part of their first Asia tour in 7 years. It was also the first time they held solo concerts in Korea. In all they performed 3 concerts in 2 days starting from the 14th, and attracted a total of 12,000 fans. The 6 members had in the past participated in local music festivals 3 times. They finally fulfilled their dream of holding live events in Korea all by themselves.

Olympic Hall was packed with people, and about eighty percent of them were local fans. Miyake Ken seemed deeply moved. “We know you’ve waited a long time for us to come; we’ve been looking forward to this day too.” When each member introduced themselves, Inohara Yoshihiko jokingly said “‘An nyong ha seh yo (Hello)’. I’m Bae Yong Joon. [Korean actor popular in both Korea and Japan.] To my family out here, thank you so much.” He mimicked ‘Yong-sama’ by bowing deeply with a hand to his chest. The hall erupted in laughter.
For their first Korea concerts, the group shipped 100 tons of stage equipment using 6 ferries. The equipment was necessary to show elevated platforms, three-dimensional images with the help of glasses and many other stage devices that were rarely used in Korea.
They also treated their Korean fans to a performance they haven’t done for 2 whole years in Japan. From a 2 meter high platform, all 6 members lined up, jumped off, flipped in midair and landed on their feet. The members mesmerized the audience with their brilliant acrobatic stunts. They called out to their fans in Korean. “Sarang hae yo (We love you)!!” They performed a total of 37 songs including their hit single ‘愛なんだ / Ai-nanda [lit. 'It's Love']‘. With their music, V6 strengthened the bond between the Korean and Japanese people.


Arashi dominates Top 1-4 for first week single sales



The five-member group Arashi debuted at the top of single rankings for the week of November 23rd with their new song “My Girl”. Following their own “Ashita no Kioku/Crazy Moon ~kimi wa muteki~” (with a first week sales of 502,487 copies, released this May) and “Believe/Kumorinochi, Kaisei” (with a first week sales of 501,988 copies, released this March), they recorded the third highest first week sales of 2009 with sales of 430,000 copies after one week since its release. In addition to this, combined with the fourth highest first week sales for the single “Everything” (released this July) at 342,000 copies, the top four spots of 2009’s first week singles sales are all being monopolized by Arashi at this point in time.

Furthermore, this is Arashi’s 24th time to capture the the top spot for singles sales, and also their 17th consecutive since “PIKANCHI DOUBLE”, released in February of 2004. Even Arashi’s “5×10 All the BEST! CLIPS 1999-2009″ DVD released on October 28th has recorded sales of over 500,000 copies in two weeks in a thorough display of their popularity. With the year’s end, future record-breaking and more, their sales trends are currently drawing much attention.

Regarding this piece of work, not only is it the theme song of fellow member Aiba Masaki’s first featured drama, “My Girl” (TV Asahi) which began airing on October 9th, it also includes the coupling track “Tokei Jikake no Umbrella”, the theme song to drama “0 Goushitsu no Kyaku” (Fuji TV) which started on the 23rd of the same month.


Yamashita Tomohisa Code Blue Season 2 announced


code blue season 2

Yamashita Tomohisa (24) from NEWS will reprise his role as a doctor in ‘Code Blue Doctor Heli Kinkyuu Kyuumei 2nd season’ that starts in January at the 9pm Monday slot next year. The first season aired on Thursdays at 10pm last summer and this time Fuji TV has moved it to the most prominent spot in its lineup. Furthermore Yamashita was also the lead in a Monday at 9 drama that aired this July and this is the first time in history that anyone has held the spot in the main role with one season separating the two appearances.

Yamapi’s power seems unstoppable. In summer, he played a pro basketball player in ‘Buzzer Beat Gakeppuchi no Hero’. Currently ‘Tokyo DOGS’ (lead played by Oguri Shun) is on air and soon the next season will start with Yamashita in the lead again.

Ever since the Getsu 9 slot was established in 1987, there has never been a case of anyone in the lead role separated by a mere season, proving the strength of his popularity. The average ratings for ‘Code Blue’ that started airing in July 2008 was 15.9%, the highest among dramas on commercial broadcast that season. The special that aired in January earlier this year garnered 23.1% in ratings.

The other young case members, Aragaki Yui (21), Toda Erika (21), Higa Manami (23) and Asari Yousuke (22) will also return in the 2nd season.

‘Doctor Heli’ are doctors who fly in special helicopters to aid patients as soon as possible and also administer medical treatment while transporting them to medical institutions.

Yamashita commented,”I want to show the importance of these helicopters so that the number of ‘Doctor Heli’ will increase.” Expect a powerful medical drama this New Year.


Mixed Nationality and Foreigners in Japanese Videos

Jumat, 13 November 2009 |

Although actresses in Japanese AV movies are predominately Japanese, recently there is a growing list of foreigners and mixed Japanese actresses debuting for major JAV studios. Among the more popular mixed JAV actresses include Maria Ozawa, Meisa Hanai, Anna Ohura, Ai Lin, Buruma Aoi and Ciao. It definitely adds some spices to the already hot Japanese AV market.

Maria Ozawa (Mother is Japanese, Father is French-Canadian)
Miyabi Maria Ozawa

Tina Yuzuki, aka Rio (Mother is Portuguese, Father is Japanese)
tina yuzuki

Meisa Hanai (Mother is Bulgarian, Father is Japanese)
meisa Hanai

Anna Ohura (Mother is Japanese, Father is French)
Anna ohura

Buruma Aoi (Half Latino, Half Japanese)
Buruma Aoi

Ai Lin (Taiwanese)
ailin taiwan

Ciao (Half Latino, Half Japanese)

Jessica Asakura (Japanese American, born in Hawaii)
jessica asakura

Yuma Asami Popular AV star turn JPOP singer


yuma asami singer

Yuma Asami from S1S1 Studio is known for her cute face and big cleavage. She sports 96cm cup (38F) breast. Extremely juicy! She recently released a music album. Supposedly she quite a good singer. That I do not know. But I do know she’s very hot in the videos! Check her out.

Yuma Asami Profile :
Name:Yuma Asami
Japanese Name:麻美ゆま
Blood type: AB
Body measurements: B96cm W58cm H88cm
Cup size: H cup
Home town: Tokyo
Hobby: Perfume collection, English conversation and piano

Akiho Yoshizawa Popular and Sexy Japanese AV star


akiho yoshizawa

Akiho Yoshizawa is one of the top Japanese AV stars for S1 Studio. Akiho has a sweet innocent face with a hot and sexy body. For the last 2 years, she has been doing of AV movie filming; averaging more than 2 AV movies per month. During 2008, she starred in over 30 Japanese AV movies. Akiho recently switch company and she is now the AV leader for Maxing studio.

Akiho Yoshizawa Profile
Name : Akiho Yoshizawa (吉沢明歩)
Birthdate: March 3, 1984
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 161 cm (5 ft 3 in)
Measurements: 86-58-86 cm (34-23-34 in)
Cup size: E

Presenting “KAT-TUN Live Break the Records” DVD



Popular boy band KAT-TUN will release a new live DVD on December 16th. The DVD is entitled KAT-TUN Live Break the Records, named after their album of the same name, which came out in April this year. The DVD features footage of their performance on June 15th at the Tokyo Dome, which was held to promote the aforementioned album.

KAT-TUN certainly broke the records this year in May, as they held eight consecutive performances at the legendary Tokyo Dome, for which they are now noted in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The DVD will be released in a regular and a limited edition. The limited edition will come with a bonus disc including tour documentary footage with interviews and behind the scenes footage. The DVD can already be pre-ordered at CDJapan.


Oguri Shun’s soaking wet for waterproof cellphone ad


oguri shun

Actor Oguri Shun (26) attended the CM presentation for Sony Ericsson’s ‘Bravia Phone U1′ waterproof mobile phone on the 11th.

During the product presentation at the assembly hall, Oguri, who was wearing a suit, was doused in a large amount of water. The CM needed 13 takes during filming. At every take, a huge amount of water was splashed on him. “There were about 5 or 6 pairs of suits that I wore. By the time I changed, the last suit would have dried already. It’s the first time I’ve had to change my briefs so many times in a day. I was prepared with 10 pairs,” he looked back with a smile.

The CM airs from the 12th onwards.


Happy Birthday Tegoshi Yuya!


tegoshi yuya

NEWS member Yamashita Tomohisa will soon be releasing his solo single ‘Loveless’! At the end of this month Yamashita will also be holding his 3 day concert ‘TOMOHISA YAMASHITA First Solo SHORT BUT SWEET ~短いけれどいい時間を ~ [Mijikai-keredo Ii Jikan o]‘. Yamashita is busily rehearsing and preparing everyday. He shared his thoughts about the upcoming live performance. He sounded ready to take on the large-size venue.

Yamashita “As regards to the concert everything is gradually beginning to fall into place! I’ve been rehearsing everyday, and so my leg muscles hurt. But it’s really fun. There is no such thing as too much dancing.”

Also! Today (November 11th) is Tegoshi Yuya’s birthday! Fellow member Koyama Keiichiro sent an early Happy Birthday message.

Koyama “Tegoshi! HAPPY BIRTHDAY♪ I know it’s a bit early. You still don’t look as old as Shige. (laugh) [NEWS member Kato Shigeaki is said to look more mature than he really is.] Hope you have a good year!”

NEWS just released their concert DVD ‘NEWS LIVE DIAMOND’! Keep your eyes locked on NEWS!


Japan Arashi stars in drama after 10 years



It was confirmed on the 10th that the popular group, Arashi, will be in Fuji TV’s special drama “The Last Promise” with all five of the members together, which is first since 10 years ago, and it will be aired next year in early spring.
It is a human suspense where the five coincidentally come upon a building hijack and face an unpredictable situation. It is the first time the leader Ohno Satoshi (28), Sakurai Sho (27), Aiba Masaki (26), Ninomiya Kazunari (26), and Matsumoto Jun (26) are co-star in a drama since “V no Arashi” from ‘99, right after their debut. The poster which have been shot for this drama has a mature atmosphere that makes us feel their growth of the 10 years.

In addition to recently starring in dramas, movies and stage plays solo and earning high reviews of their acting skills, their variety shows are popular with every ages. Their DVD “All the BEST! CLIPS 1999 – 2009″, which was released on the 28th of last month, has sold 500,000 copies, which is a first in the history of music DVDs, and they are unstoppable.

Ohno says, “I want to act keeping 10 years worth of experiences and feelings in mind”, and Matsumoto says “I am a bit embarrassed…(laugh), but I am looking forward to the day the five of us film together.”


Kinki Kids’ new album coming out December 9th


kinki kids

Idol duo KinKi Kids have announced the release of their newest album, J album, for December 9th.

This will be the group’s eleventh studio album and first full-length release in over two years – their last one was Φ (Phi), released in November 2007. As for the tracklist, the album will include eleven songs, among them their most recent singles Secret Code, Yakusoku and Swan Song.

As usual, the album will be available in two versions. The regular edition is set to contain a bonus track called Ai ni tsuite, while the limited version will come with a DVD including the music videos and TV spots for all of the singles mentioned above and a 28-page booklet.


insert detective yoshida yoshimi

This year's 50th issue of Kodansha's Morning magazine has announced on Thursday that a live-action film adaptation of Aozora-Daichi's Insect Detective Yoshida Yoshimi (Konchū Tantei Yoshida Yoshimi) gag manga has been green-lit for release next year. Tokyo Zombie director and Ichi the Killer scriptwriter Sakichi Sato is directing, and he is reuniting with his Tokyo Zombie star Shō Aikawa for this film. (Aikawa is pictured below in the magazine's announcement, which parodies Japanese tabloids with its attention-grabbing layout.)

In this "nonsensical gag" comedy, Yoshimi Yoshida is called the "Insect Detective" since he can communicate with just about any creature. Together with Mugi (a dog with the intelligence of a third-grader) and Piitan (a foul-mouthed parrot), Yoshida takes on cases related to insects and other creatures.

The manga won the Tetsuya Chiba Prize in 2003, and it is serialized on an irregular schedule in Morning and Morning 2 magazines. The North American distributor Anchor Bay released Sato's live-action film adaptation of Yūsaku Hanakuma's Tokyo Zombie horror comedy manga on DVD on April 1. (Last Gasp Publishing released the original Tokyo Zombie manga in North America last year. ) Besides Tokyo Zombie, Aikawa appeared in the live-action versions of the Zebraman and Kurosagi manga.


The Wallflower Manga Gets January TV Drama Green-Lit


the wal flower

This year's 18th issue of Kodansha' Bessatsu Friend magazine has announced on Friday that a television drama series based on Tomoko Hayakawa's The Wallflower (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge) manga has been green-lit for a January premiere. The story follows four teenaged "pretty boys" who are invited to stay at a posh mansion, free of charge—provided they can transform the owner's standoffish, weird niece into a proper young lady. More details about the drama version will be published in future issues of Bessatsu Friend.

The manga has been running in Bessatsu Friend since 2000, and 24 compiled book volumes have been published so far. Del Rey will publish the 22nd volume in North America next January. The story has already been adapted into a 2006-2007 25-episode television anime series, which ADV Films released on DVD.


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