Tsubomi January idol ranking

It is the second month of 2010, but there are already a ranking for JAV in January 2010.

New to JAV City and wondering what these rankings are? The short answer is they’re based on DMM’s monthly sales rankings for digital downloads, DVD sales, and DVD rentals. To understand how the scoring works, read our post for our first ever rankings.

It’s the first rankings of 2010, although it’s for the sales data for the last month of 2009. You know how it goes, monthly rankings, Yuma Asami and Akiho Yoshizawa dominate, yada yada ya …. hold on a sec … what’s this? Tsubomi? At number 1?

Yes that’s right, someone new has final climbed to the top of the rankings! Thanks to a massive amount of new releases, the hard working Tsubomi has knocked Yuma Asami and Akiho Yoshizawa down a notch, to 2nd and 3rd respectively. Although Tsubomi did not finish first in any one category, she finished strong across the board allowing her to top the Queens of the Charts.

The first place finishers for the individual categories were Yuma Asami (digitial downloads), KAORI (DVD sales), and Risa Tsukino (DVD rentals). The other impressive showing for the month was Yua Kisaki who finished tied for 5th overall with Risa Tsukino. I think we may be seeing a changing of the guard here. Yuma and Acky will slowly start to give way to youngsters like Yua Kisaki and Risa Tsukino, and Tsubomi will be challenging Elly Akira (aka Yuka Osawa) for the Kink Queen title. I’m expecting Aino Kishi to make a splash over the next couple months as well once her Ideapocket and S1 videos start hitting shelves.

Yukari Fujima and Yuzuka Kinoshita debut on the chart this month. Yukari Fujimi is a former chakuero model who recently kicked off her AV career. Yuzuka Kinoshita just made her debut in November with Maxing.

And here are the full rankings:

Previous Name Digital DVD Sales DVD Rentals JAV Score
 1 Tsubomi  26 
 2 Yuma Asami 25 
 3 Akiho Yoshizawa 19 
 4 KAORI 18 
 5 Risa Tsukino 10  15 
 5 Yua Kisaki 21  15 
 7 Elly Akira 39 
 8 Yukari Fujima
 8 Minori Hatsune 15  62 
 10 Saya Yukimi 20  42 
 11 Rin Sakuragi 21  31 
 12 Yumi Kazama 38  40 
13 Mayu Nozomi 24 
14 Yuzuka Kinoshita 45 
15 Maki Houjou 12  15 
 15 Yukiko Suo 19  14 
 15 Rio 11  24 
 18 Meisa Hanai 30  10  66 
 18 Nao Ayukawa 34  24  10 

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