Yui Aragaki new song Walk for movie Hutch The Honeybee

Rabu, 07 April 2010 |

Aragaki Yui

It is announced that Yui Aragaki (新垣結衣)'s new song "WALK" would be used as the theme song of the anime movie "Hutch, the honeybee (昆虫物語みつばちハッチ~勇気のメロディ~, Konchuumonogatari mitsubachi Hutch yuuki no melody)" which will premiere on July 31.

It's the first time that Aragaki's song is used as the theme song of a movie, and she commented: "I am full of the refreshing feeling!" Also, regarding to the 40th anniversary of Hutch, she said that she felt responsible. As to the lyrics of "WALK": "No matter how distant we fall apart, move forward and don't be lost.", Aragaki also commented: "It's quite fit the feeling that Hutch is moving forward to realize the dream and to find mother. It's the same for us, too. We should set a target and walk forward."


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