Nana Eikura in film Nobou no Shiro as Kaihime

Kamis, 09 September 2010 |

Eikura Nana

In June, it was announced that directors Isshin Inudo and Shinji Higuchi are collaborating on a film adaptation of "Nobou no Shiro," starring Mansai Nomura (44). It has now been revealed that the movie's heroine will be played by actress Nana Eikura (22), who has never appeared in a jidaigeki work before.

The story casts Nomura as Narita Nagachika, a military commander during the Sengoku era who was known as "Nobou-sama." With an army of only 500 soldiers, he successfully defended against an attack on Oshi Castle by Toyotomi Hideyoshi's massive army of 20,000.

Eikura will be playing the part of the Kaihime, who was the daughter of the Narita clan's head, Narita Ujinaga. According to legend, Kaihime was a skilled warrior who was critical in the defense of Oshi Castle. To prepare for the role, Eikura underwent training in skills such as horseback riding and aikido.

"Nobou no Shiro" will open in theaters next year.


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