Maria Ozawa disappears after Japan Earthquake

Senin, 14 Maret 2011 |

Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi – 8.9 magnitude Richter Scale earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan, on Friday (11/03/2011). Until now the number of victims continues to grow. Coverage in the media and social networking trending topic at all about the events in Japan. Starting from the greeting grief, questioning the amount of the victim until someone asked sexy Japanese actress Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi is still a live or dead in 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami. No one can answer this question becasue no one can reach her.

Producer Maxima Pictures, Ody Mulya who has twice worked with Miyabi in Indonesia was deeply concerned about the condition of this sexy artist.

“Frankly I lost contact with her (Miyabi), my last contact with him about 1-2 hours before the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami, then I sms and the phone she is not accept and also do not reply my sms,”said Ody Mulya.

Ody also said this condition makes it extremely worried and anxious, considering that Miyabi was regarded as friends and business associates. Ody said between himself and management Miyabi is still under contract to make two more films.

“I want to ask the situation, but it is difficult to call her, hopefully Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi is alright and still a live after this terrible earthquake and tsunami, cause I’m really worried,” said ody. Look for Miyabi latest condition here

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