Singer MEG new single Passport / Paris

Jumat, 06 Agustus 2010 |


Singer MEG is putting out a best album this fall, but it will be her last with her current record label UNIVERSAL J. After the album's release, she plans to leave the label and go on a brief hiatus.

In a blog post on Friday, she explained that since last year, she used to love the process of creating and delivering music, but it now feels like work. Due to a lack of excitement and fresh ideas, she has decided to do a "brief reset" of her career. She stated that she arrived at her decision during a trip she took by herself to Paris this past spring.

MEG acknowledged that next year is the 10th anniversary of her debut, and she indicated that she would like to take on a new challenge for it.

Her last single with her current label will be "PASSPORT / PARIS," scheduled for release on August 25. She will hold a birthday party and live performance on October 2-3 at Sanrio Puroland.


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