Ueto Aya in drama Still Love You in 10 years

Rabu, 25 Agustus 2010 |

Aya Ueto

Actress Ueto Aya, 24, will star in NHK’s time-traveling drama “Still Love You in 10 Years” (starts Tues Aug 31, 10 p.m.). Ueto plays a lovelorn heroine who is visited by her husband from 10 years into the future, a man she has never met.

Ueto appeared at a press conference with her costar Masaaki Uchino, 41, with whom she worked once before in 2004 in “Aim for the Ace!” IN that film, Uchino played her merciless tennis coach.

Ueto acknowledged that she had come of marrying age. “Naturally I could empathize with my character since I am now 24. And yes, I’m thinking about marriage,” she said wistfully.

Japan Today

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