Erika Toda dating with Go Ayano at fashion Show

Selasa, 02 November 2010 |

Erika Toda

It was reported yesterday that actress Erika Toda (22) was recently seen on a date with actor Go Ayano (28), reinforcing rumors of their relationship that first surfaced in July. The latest issue of the magazine Josei Seven published photos of the two together that were taken a few days ago.

According to the magazine, Toda and Ayano attended a show for a fashion brand at an event hall in Tokyo during late October. The pair were seen occasionally holding hands, and one witness stated that when Ayano met with the fashion brand's president (whom he has known for a long time), he introduced Toda as his girlfriend. After the show, they both returned to Toda's apartment.

Toda was previously said to be dating Kanjani8 member Shingo Murakami (28), until this past July when Josei Seven reported that they had broken up. The magazine said that around that time, Toda was at a high-class sushi restaurant with Perfume's Ayaka Nishiwaki (21) and another friend when she was overheard talking about her love life. She apparently told them that she had a new boyfriend, and it was widely speculated that the man was Ayano.

Ayano made his acting debut in 2003 in "Kamen Rider 555" and has since then appeared in several television dramas, but the majority of his acting work is in movies. Two of his most recent roles are in "SP THE MOTION PICTURE" and "GANTZ."


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