Sexy Actress Saeko divorced with Pitcher Yu Darvish

Jumat, 12 November 2010 |


This week's issue of Josei Seven reports that Nippon Ham Fighters' ace pitcher Yu Darvish (24) and actress Saeko (23) are on the verge of getting divorced. Sankei Sports has apparently confirmed this with a person close to the couple, though the reason for the breakup is disputed.

The couple married in November 2007 after it was learned that Saeko was pregnant. She gave birth to their first son in March 2008, and in order to raise the child, she has been traveling frequently between Sapporo, where the Fighters are based, and the couple's home in Miyazaki, which is close to Saeko's family.

Meanwhile, Josei Seven alleges that Darvish has been paying visits to Susukino, a red-light district in Sapporo. Saeko eventually learned about his infidelity, apparently before she gave birth to their second son in February of this year. When she approached him about the matter in September, he reportedly told her, "If you don't like it, let's break up."

Both Darvish and Saeko are currently signed to Avex's management office. When reached for comment, the company said that it has not heard anything from the couple regarding divorce.

However, Sankei Sports states that it spoke with someone who knows the couple well. That person denied Josei Seven's rumors about Darvish's infidelity, but confirmed that the couple is headed for divorce. According to the person, the reason for the breakup is simply that the two spend a lot of time apart, and that has strained their relationship beyond repair. The person also mentioned that lawyers for both sides have already begun correspondence in preparation for divorce negotiations.


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