Norika Fujiwara host for Japan Record Awards

Senin, 20 Desember 2010 |

Norika Fujiwara

The hosts for the 52nd Japan Record Awards (being held on December 30) were announced on Monday, though the choices were unsurprising. Talento Masaaki Sakai (64) will be leading the show for his 15th consecutive year, along with actress Norika Fujiwara (39) for her 2nd consecutive year. They will be supported by announcers Shinichiro Azumi (10th consecutive year), Sylwia Kato (2nd consecutive year), and Erina Masuda (2nd consecutive year).

The hosts and the winning artists were present at the press conference on Monday, marking the first time in the awards' 52-year history that they have appeared together in front of the press before the actual ceremony. It was also announced that this will be the first year that a rehearsal for the show will be open to the press.

As usual, most of the award winners have already been announced, but two key awards are being revealed at the presentation ceremony. The grand prize, known as the Japan Record Award, will be chosen from the ten Best Song winners:

* "I Wish For You" - EXILE
* "Aitai Riyuu" - AAA
* "Arigatou" - Ikimono Gakari
* "Tell Me Goodbye" - BIG BANG
* "Toilet no Kamisama" - Kana Uemura
* "Nijiiro no Bayon" - Kiyoshi Hikawa
* "New World" - w-inds.
* "Beginner" - AKB48
* "Matsushima Kikou" - Kaori Mizumori
* "Ready to be a lady" - GIRL NEXT DOOR

And the Best New Artist award will be chosen from the four New Artist winners:

* Madoka Kikuchi
* S/mileage

The live broadcast of the event will be on TBS on December 30, starting at 6:30pm.


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