Ryoko Shinohara in sequel Unfair The Movie

Minggu, 12 Desember 2010 |

Ryoko Shinohara

Actress Ryoko Shinohara (37) will return to the big screen with a sequel to the 2007 blockbuster "Unfair the movie," once again playing the lead role as the tough detective Natsumi Yukihira. This is the first time that a work she starred in has received a proper sequel.

"Unfair" started out as a drama series in 2006, averaging 15.4% ratings with a peak of 16.5%. A special episode aired later that year, achieving 18.3% ratings. In 2007, the movie opened in theaters, and it earned 2.72 billion yen at the box office to become the #9 Japanese film of that year.

"Unfair" is a suspenseful story whose central theme is betrayal, primarily targeting the protagonist Natsumi Yukihira. Up until now, the identity of the true culprit behind her suffering has not been revealed, but "Unfair 2" promises to finally shed light on that mastermind.

Returning cast members include Sadao Abe (40), Masaya Kato (47), Susumu Terajima (47), and Teruyuki Kagawa (47), but it is also said that three major characters will be added to the story. Filming is expected to begin in February, with theatrical release planned for fall 2011.


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