Aya Ueto is dating with Exile member Hiro

Rabu, 05 Januari 2011 |

Aya Ueto Hiro

Back in October, news outlets began reporting that actress Aya Ueto (25) and EXILE member HIRO (41) had started dating. In this week's issue of FRIDAY, it is now being claimed that Ueto has moved into an apartment in the same building as HIRO's, but on a different floor.

FRIDAY reports that Ueto has been frequently in and out of the apartment building where HIRO lives. According to the magazine, she recently became a tenant in that building, though she is still living separately from HIRO.

Sankei Sports followed up with Ueto's agency, Oscar Promotion, which said that the news is not exactly true. The company explained that the apartment is actually leased by Oscar Promotion and is not Ueto's private residence. The agency also said that other talents besides Ueto use the apartment. When asked about Ueto and HIRO's relationship, the company simply restated that it is leaving her private life alone.

However, Sankei Sports also contacted HIRO's management, whose comments suggest that the relationship is progressing. "Both of them are supported by many people, and they have a social responsibility in their position. When conditions are ready for a solid announcement to be made, it will be announced then, so until that time please warmly watch over them."

Based on that quote, it appears that the two could be headed for marriage, and that arrangements are perhaps already being made to prepare for such an announcement.


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