Erika Sawajiri returns to Japan from Spain

Kamis, 20 Januari 2011 |

Erika Sawajiri

It was learned on Thursday that actress Erika Sawajiri (24) is back in Japan, having quietly returned from Spain on Wednesday night. She was hounded by reporters outside her home, though she remained silent to all questions. However, multiple sources are reporting that she will hold a press conference on January 23.

Sawajiri's last appearance before the press was on September 5 of last year. She was scheduled to appear at an event on September 21, but she suddenly canceled the day before and went missing, triggering various rumors. It was learned that she later went back to Spain, where her current management office is based. It is also believed that she is again living there with her husband Tsuyoshi Takashiro (46), even though it previously appeared that they would likely divorce.

According to Sports Hochi, Sawajiri met yesterday with a representative for the Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic, which Sawajiri had been doing commercials for. The company is holding a big event on January 23, and it is expected that the actress will be in attendance. If she does indeed hold a press conference there, she will likely comment on the status of her marriage with Takashiro.

Sawajiri had previously planned to sign a management contract with Avex, but it is said that one of the conditions was that she had to divorce Takashiro. Avex has continued to not respond to questions regarding Sawajiri.

Sports Hochi also reports that there have been rumors of Sawajiri appearing in a Hollywood movie, though nothing has been confirmed yet. The newspaper notes that building her career overseas may be an alternative to trying to regain her foothold in Japan.


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