Inoue Mao filming drama Ohisama in Azumino

Senin, 11 Juli 2011 |

Mao Inoue

On the 8th, actress Inoue Mao filmed on location in Azumino, Nagano for NHK's current asadora Ohisama. It has been exactly a year since filming first began in Azumino. On the day of filming, soba flowers were in full bloom. The sunny weather also allowed for filming to be completed smoothly.

Set in the Showa period, the times have finally settled down as it reached 1950 (Showa 25). The scenes filmed that day will show the dream of the Maruyama family. These will air during weeks 20 to 22 of the drama, which will be broadcasted from August 15 to September 3.

For Inoue it is her second time filming on location in Azumino. She says, "It's been a year since the crank-in. The seasons have come and gone, but it's great to come back." With the effects of the Tohoku earthquake, there are many things people are reflecting upon these days. Inoue believes there are lots of meaningful lines in the drama, with many more messages still to be conveyed. "I'm really grateful to play a character who cherishes everything around her."

It's the first time for Kora Kengo to film on location in Azumino. He plays of the role of Inoue's husband in the drama. Kora says that he's happy to be in Azumino. "The scenery here is amazing. There's an entirely new feeling you get filming on location than in the studio." With another month left to go, everyone promises to do their best to complete the filming.

Compiled from: Daily Sports Online & Nikkan Sports
Translated by: sparkles_n15 @

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