SKE46 member Yagami Kumi debut in first film

Selasa, 26 Juli 2011 |

Yagami Kumi

SKE48 members Matsui Jurina (14) and Yagami Kumi (17) are making their movie debuts together in a film titled “WAYA! Uchuu Ichi no Osekkai Daisakusen,” it has been learned.

Directed by Kohatsu Yo, the film stars comedian Itoda Jun, a member of the duo Speed Wagon. The story is set in the Endouji shopping arcade in Nagoya, near SKE48′s base in Sakae.

Itoda plays the part of Kantaro, a young man working at the cleaners who is chosen as the head of the arcade’s youth organization. He decides to plan a big event in honor of the arcade’s chairman, a stubborn old man named Shige (Yazaki Shigeru) who has been running a wooden clog shop for 30 years. However, his true objective is to reconcile the relationship between Shige and Shige’s friend Nobu (Lou Oshiba) after the two have a fight. But Kantaro’s little white lie ends up growing, turning his meddlesome plan into a mess.

Matsui plays Sanae, the granddaughter of the stubborn old man, while Yagami plays a cool high school student. Matsui was actually only 13 when the movie was filmed, even though her character is 18 years old.

Both Matsui and Yagami were chosen for their parts through an audition involving all of the SKE48 members, held by the director at the group’s theater in Sakae.

The cast also includes Itoda’s comedy partner Ozawa Kazuhiro, Mizuno Miki, Fujita Tomoko, Moro Morooka, Miwa Mizuki, and Kojima Noriko.

“WAYA! Uchuu Ichi no Osekkai Daisakusen” will open first in Nagoya in October, and other theaters across the country will follow.


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