Hideaki Takizawa in stage show Takizawa Kabuki

Kamis, 10 Februari 2011 |

Hideaki Takizawa

Hideaki Takizawa is about to become a walking and talking history textbook as he plays famours warriors, leaders, and rebels in his upcoming stage show, it was revealed at a press conference in Tokyo on February 3, reports Sports Hochi, and Chunichi Sports.

It had been announced Takizawa would produce his upcoming stage show “滝沢歌舞伎 (Takizawa Kabuki)”, and play a series of historical Japanese figures including Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Nobunaga Oda, and Shiro Amakusa.

“I want younger people to get interested in history. I learnt the value of Japanese legends after working on a Taiga drama myself,” Takizawa said.

The show has been split into two parts with the first focussing on the 10 historical figures, followed by a second part where Takizawa reprises his show from last year, playing Taira no Masakado.

It has been reported the pop star will fill his show with large-scale special effects such as wire action, and is even planning on slipping in a historical woman character as one of the 10 heroes.

On top of his busy acting challenge, it will be the second time Takizawa has produced this show following his producer debut in 2010.

“(At last year’s show) I struggled because I hardly had any time for my own rehearsals. But it felt like a part of me was always on stage, even if I wasn’t in the scene. It also gave me the chance to see things from an audience’s point-of-view which helped me when I was trying to think of things that would make the fans happier,” he said.

It has also been reported the second part to the show will be different from last year.

“I got a lot of requests from fans saying they wanted to see a more evil me so I’m going to try and be as evil and scary as I can,” Takizawa said.

Of course, bloody scenes will not continue throughout the entire season becayse the star had revealed plans for the show’s second part to be replaced with a children’s show during the May public holiday season. It has been reported Takizawa had said he wanted to reprise his children’s hero role, TAKI-ranger, at this year’s show as well.

“Takizawa Kabuki” will be performed at Tokyo’s Nissay Theatre from April 8 to May 8.


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