Soari Hara and Yukiko Suo in film Sex and Zen

Jumat, 25 Februari 2011 |

Saori Hara Sex and Zen

Because of the huge success of 3D films in US, Hong Kong-based filmmakers group have started filming the first ever pornographic film in the world of 3D technology.

The US$3.2 million ’3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy’, are scheduled to be released in May. The news has has made a huge buzz within the pornography, technology, and film industry, as well as generated interest in different part of the globe, which includes Asia, Europe, and U.S.

The first ever 3D porn film will be based on The Carnal Prayer Mat, a classical Chinese erotic literature, and will be starred by top class Japanese porn actresses Saori Hara, Hong Kong busty Vonnie Lui and Yukiko Suo. The movie will narrate the story of a young man who undertakes a journey of eroticism in the world of a duke.

“Orgies” and “very graphic sex scenes” are expected to be part of the production, according to Sunday Morning Post report.

On the other hand, a European porn producer Mark Dorcel has declared that he and his team is planning to recreate the classic erotic film called Kama-sutra, which will take full advantage of the new stereoscopic 3D technology.

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