Izumi Mori has a affair with married man Ken Koshizoe

Jumat, 25 Februari 2011 |

Izumi Mori

Weekly magazine FRIDAY reports in its latest issue that model and talento Izumi Mori (28) was having an affair with a married man. The man in question is Ken Koshizoe (57), whose wife is former actress Nobuko Kotegawa (48), the sister of actress Yuko Kotegawa (51).

Koshizoe is part of the management of the Japan Professional Surfing Association. Mori is a surfing fan, and she met Koshizoe years ago when she visited a surfing shop run by him. The two started dating about three years ago, and FRIDAY says they were recently living together in Mori's Tokyo home, while his wife thought that he was away on business trips. The magazine also took pictures of them spending the weekend at Mori's vacation home in Chiba.

However, Mori claims she didn't know that Koshizoe was married. She says that she only found out about it when FRIDAY tried to interview her. According to Mori's agency, she has already broken up with Koshizoe.

FRIDAY also reveals that this isn't the first affair for Koshizoe. At the time that he was going to marry Kotegawa, it appears that he was already a husband and father.


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