Ishikawa Rika first movie Atsuhime Number 1

Selasa, 28 Juni 2011 |

Morning Musume Ishikawa Rika

Dream Morning Musume member and former Morning Musume member Ishikawa Rika (26) has landed her first starring movie role. She will headline the cast of “Atsuhime Number 1,” a film produced by Tsunku (42) that is expected to be released next year.

In the story, Ishikawa plays the part of Atsuhime, a princess during the Edo period. A time slip sends her into the present day, where she becomes a hostess at a high-class Ginza club. Nakazawa Yuko (38), who is also part of Dream Morning Musume, will play Atsuhime’s mentor Tae. According to Tsunku, he is considering including surprise appearances by current and former Morning Musume members.

“Atsuhime Number 1″ will begin filming next month. Before that, Ishikawa is planning to make a trip to an actual Ginza hostess club in order to prepare for the role. An exact release date has not been set yet, but it is currently planned for release in spring 2012 or later.

Tsunku stated that a portion of the movie’s ticket sales will be donated to earthquake relief efforts through Up-Front Group’s ongoing charity project.


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