SMAP release a charity album SMAP AID

Selasa, 28 Juni 2011 |


Popular male idol group SMAP will release a charity album called “SMAP AID” on Aug 17. The album will feature songs voted on by fans.

According to SMAP’s management, Johnny’s Entertainment, many Japanese fans wrote to the agency following the March earthquake and tsunami disaster to say that SMAP songs cheered them up in the wake of the tragedy. The messages led to the album’s concept.

The album, which will sell for 3,570 yen, will come with a yellow or red handkerchief—red representing health, and yellow representing happiness. Two hundred yen from the sale of each album will go to the “Marching J” charity project.

The band will also hold a fan meet-and-greet on Sept 9, where 1,000 fans who participate in a lottery will get the new album for free.


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