Yaguchi Mari get married with D Boys member Nakamura Masaya

Jumat, 03 Juni 2011 |

Nakamura Masaya and Yaguchi Mari

It was reported on Friday that former Morning Musume member Yaguchi Mari (28) and former D-BOYS member Nakamura Masaya (25) were planning to get married this month. Sure enough, they announced their marriage at a press conference on Sunday. The two submitted their marriage registration late at night on May 21, technically during the early hours of May 22.

Yaguchi and Nakamura met around the start of 2010, and their relationship became public in May of that year. Nakamura said that he proposed to Yaguchi on January 20 of this year, her 28th birthday. They originally intended to register their marriage in March, but they postponed it due to the Tohoku earthquake.

Reporters asked various questions during the press conference, such as whether their height difference (almost 50 centimeters) was a problem. Yaguchi replied that it wasn’t, and Nakamura bashfully explained that he usually lifts her up when they kiss.

When asked about how they started dating, Nakamura said they met through a mutual friend. He said that they had matching interests, such as enjoying drinking and liking the same anime series. Yaguchi remarked that previously, some news sources inaccurately reported that she had fallen in love at first sight and aggressively pursued Nakamura, but the truth is that they instantly got along and began dating right away.

The two were also asked about Nakamura’s proposal. They were both in Osaka for work on Yaguchi’s birthday, and they went out to a fancy izakaya, where Nakamura presented her with an engagement ring with the words, “I’ll protect you for the rest of my life.” “He worked hard to buy that ring,” Yaguchi said. Nakamura explained, “I can’t say what my salary is, but it was more than three months’ worth.” Yaguchi jokingly countered, “It was probably about one year’s worth.”

Asked about their plans for children, Nakamura said that they both like kids, but because they are both working, they will leave it up to when the timing is right. Yaguchi admitted that she would like to have children soon.

The two have not yet decided on a date for their wedding ceremony.


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