Shosuke Tanihara Nao matsushita

Shosuke Tanihara (38) is taking on the role of a sleuth for the first time in Fuji TV's drama special "Higashino Keigo Special: Tantei Club." The female lead will be played by Nao Matsushita (25).

As the title suggests, the story is adapted from Keigo Higashino's mystery novel "Tantei Club." Tanihara's character normally seems quiet and refined, but his energy and behavior suddenly change when he ponders a problem.

This is the fourth time that Tanihara and Matsushita have acted together, with the last one being the 2008 drama "Ryokiteki na Kanojo." This drama may give them the opportunity to continue working together, as the staff are aiming to make it a series.

Fuji TV will air the drama on October 22.


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