Saki Aibu love triangle in drama Sayonara no Koi

Sabtu, 02 Oktober 2010 |

Saki Aibu

Saki Aibu (25) is set to star in a new mobile phone drama on BeeTV, titled "Sayonara no Koi." The story is described as the "ultimate love triangle," in which she plays opposite Kei Tanaka (26) and Takaya Kamikawa (45).

Aibu plays an agency employee named Sena, who was raised by a single mother. She is engaged to a fellow employee who is the son of a politician (Tanaka), but her heart is also pulled by a former genius composer who currently works as part of the cleaning staff for her building (Kamikawa).

The drama is scheduled to last 12 episodes, coming out every Thursday after its premiere on October 1. Other cast members include Ritsuko Tanaka, Maju Ozawa, and Emiri Nakayama. The theme song "Tsuki to Taiyou ni Yureru Sora" is being sung by miray, who will also appear in the drama as herself.


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