Singer MEG is dating with Kento Nagayama

Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010 |

MEG singer

Rumors have surfaced stating that actor Kento Nagayama (21) is dating fashion model and singer MEG (30). According to Sports Hochi, the two were introduced to each other by a mutual friend last year, and they started dating at the start of this year.

Although their relationship is not public, Nagayama and MEG have been seen eating together at restaurants in Tokyo's Minato ward multiple times. It is also said that Nagayama has mentioned the relationship to his close friends and family, including his brother Eita (27).

Nagayama is the youngest of three siblings, and he decided to follow the older Eita (who is the middle child) into show business. Nagayama made his acting debut in the 2007 drama series "Ojiisan-sensei," then landed his first starring role with the movie "Soft Boy" this year.

MEG made her major label debut as a music artist in 2002. In recent years, she has been closely associated with producer Yasutaka Nakata. However, this past summer she declared that she would take a short break from music to "reset" herself before next year, which is the 10th anniversary of the start of her career.

Nagayama's management office says that the two are good friends but insists that they are not dating. A record company representative for MEG said that they were unable to confirm the story at the moment because MEG is overseas.


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