Noriko Eguchi in series Noda to Moushimasu

Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010 |

Noriko Eguchi

This past June, Aya Tsuge's manga series "Noda to Moushimasu" ("My Name Is Noda") was turned into a short drama series on NHK's 1seg 2 channel, consisting of just three episodes. Based on its popularity, it has now been decided that the drama will be extended to 20 episodes, starting on October 29. The first three episodes will be a rebroadcast of the original episodes.

The live-action "Noda to Moushimasu" stars Noriko Eguchi (30) as the titular character, a plain college student whose everyday life is full of humorous situations. The show also features AKB48's Yuka Masuda (19) and actress Nobue Iketani (39).


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