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Sabtu, 28 November 2009 |

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The press conference for the theater production '血は立ったまま眠っている / Chi wa Tatta-mama Nemutte-iru [lit. 'Blood is Sleeping while Standing']' was held. The play directed by Ninagawa Yukio will begin in January 2010. The cast including V6 member Morita Go and actor Kubozuka Yosuke attended as well.

It will be Kubozuka's first time to appear in a play. He used some unique expressions to voice his thoughts. "I've always wanted to appear in a theater production, but I didn't have the right opportunity. Since this is my first time, I feel like I'm going into an unexplored jungle stark naked. But with Ninagawa-san as the coordinator I'm sure everything will be okay. I'll just follow his lead."
The play was originally written by poet/dramatist Terayama Shuji. Although 25 years have passed since his death, he still has a lasting influence on theater, film, poetry and other artistic fields. '血は立ったまま眠っている / Chi wa Tatta-mama Nemutte-iru' was the first play written by Terayama when he was 23. It is based on an early short poem made by Terayama, and the poem goes '1本の樹の中にも流れている血があるそこでは、血は立ったまま眠っている (Blood runs through trees, and the blood sleeps while standing)'. The story takes place during the political turmoil of the 1960s caused by the signing of the 'Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan'. Against that backdrop it portrays the anger and torment of a group of young characters.
Morita has never worked with Ninagawa before, and seemed a bit nervous. "I'm very honored for being chosen as a cast member. Ninagawa-san told me 'Act freely and do whatever you want to do.' Those words made me feel more pressure. There are many accomplished and unique actors among the cast, so I will learn as much as I can from them and practice hard." Morita will play the role of a terrorist. Fans will get to see a whole new side of Morita.

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