12,000 attended Japan V6’s latest concert

Kamis, 19 November 2009 |

v6 concert

On November 15th the popular group V6 held a concert at Olympic Hall in Seoul, Korea. It was part of their first Asia tour in 7 years. It was also the first time they held solo concerts in Korea. In all they performed 3 concerts in 2 days starting from the 14th, and attracted a total of 12,000 fans. The 6 members had in the past participated in local music festivals 3 times. They finally fulfilled their dream of holding live events in Korea all by themselves.

Olympic Hall was packed with people, and about eighty percent of them were local fans. Miyake Ken seemed deeply moved. “We know you’ve waited a long time for us to come; we’ve been looking forward to this day too.” When each member introduced themselves, Inohara Yoshihiko jokingly said “‘An nyong ha seh yo (Hello)’. I’m Bae Yong Joon. [Korean actor popular in both Korea and Japan.] To my family out here, thank you so much.” He mimicked ‘Yong-sama’ by bowing deeply with a hand to his chest. The hall erupted in laughter.
For their first Korea concerts, the group shipped 100 tons of stage equipment using 6 ferries. The equipment was necessary to show elevated platforms, three-dimensional images with the help of glasses and many other stage devices that were rarely used in Korea.
They also treated their Korean fans to a performance they haven’t done for 2 whole years in Japan. From a 2 meter high platform, all 6 members lined up, jumped off, flipped in midair and landed on their feet. The members mesmerized the audience with their brilliant acrobatic stunts. They called out to their fans in Korean. “Sarang hae yo (We love you)!!” They performed a total of 37 songs including their hit single ‘愛なんだ / Ai-nanda [lit. 'It's Love']‘. With their music, V6 strengthened the bond between the Korean and Japanese people.


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