Kyoko Fukuda-Sato Ryuuta in “Massugu na Otoko”

Kamis, 19 November 2009 |

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Fuji TV announced another new dorama for the upcoming season. Their next Tuesday-10pm dorama will be called “Massugu na Otoko” (Straight Man) and feature Sato Ryuuta in his first role since he became a father of a baby girl back in October. Pursuing a straight life as a father, this might be the perfect role for him. “I’d like to become a proper father and more mature in general, not only as an actor but also as the master of a household.” He commented. Fukada Kyoko will take the role of the heroine.

“Massugu na Otoko” will be a human comedy featuring Sato as a natural and honest single male. There will be moments of laughter, moments of tears and, of course, moments of love. His role will be that of 30 year-old worker at a construction company who has to climb over his own incompetency. In February he will turn 30 as well. “I’d like to become a firm man at heart, and by playing this role I might fight some ways to achieve it. Those are my personal feelings, but I’m really happy to get the chance to work on such a wonderful dorama in the perfect timing with the birth of my daughter.” He said with a smile.

Fukada is going to play a woman who makes fun of him all the time. She’s a very arrogant person who subsists on part-time work only, but before she knows she’s falling for that man who desperately tries to find his way back on the right way. It’s their first time working together. “He’s said to be a hot-tempered person, so I’d like to become just as hot-tempered in order not to loose against him.”

It seems like that Fukada’s role might even become pregnant throughout the series and the chances for Sato becoming a father on TV again are high as well. Of course they won’t reveal whether they’ll really go this way for the plot, but it would be a nice to see a reenactment of Sato’s expression when he became a father.

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