Mixed Nationality and Foreigners in Japanese Videos

Jumat, 13 November 2009 |

Although actresses in Japanese AV movies are predominately Japanese, recently there is a growing list of foreigners and mixed Japanese actresses debuting for major JAV studios. Among the more popular mixed JAV actresses include Maria Ozawa, Meisa Hanai, Anna Ohura, Ai Lin, Buruma Aoi and Ciao. It definitely adds some spices to the already hot Japanese AV market.

Maria Ozawa (Mother is Japanese, Father is French-Canadian)
Miyabi Maria Ozawa

Tina Yuzuki, aka Rio (Mother is Portuguese, Father is Japanese)
tina yuzuki

Meisa Hanai (Mother is Bulgarian, Father is Japanese)
meisa Hanai

Anna Ohura (Mother is Japanese, Father is French)
Anna ohura

Buruma Aoi (Half Latino, Half Japanese)
Buruma Aoi

Ai Lin (Taiwanese)
ailin taiwan

Ciao (Half Latino, Half Japanese)

Jessica Asakura (Japanese American, born in Hawaii)
jessica asakura

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