Erika Sawajiri gives up studying for Spanish nightlife

Kamis, 19 November 2009 |

erika sawajiri

Very little has been heard about actress Erika Sawajiri after she was dismissed from her agency a month and half ago. She left for Spain in late September, avoiding the eyes of the media. The actress has not been seen anywhere nor has she made any public statements.

Most people who know her haven’t the slightest clue as to what she is doing. Asked about Sawajiri’s whereabouts, an acquaintance commented, “She used to contact me shortly after her arrival in Spain, saying she was having difficulties with the language and that she had too much time on her hands. It sounded as though she wanted to return to Japan, and I was a bit concerned about problems with her husband. I haven’t heard from her at all recently. I want to know what’s going on.”

The actress’ life in Spain had been a mystery until recently when it was confirmed that she had been attending classes at a language school located in the inner city district of Barcelona. According to the language instructor, “It was shortly before summer that a very pretty girl from Japan joined the class. I often saw her sitting outside drinking coffee… Her name’s Erika Takashiro. I heard she’s a famous actress in Japan. She was attending class with her husband.”

According to the school staff, the couple had signed up for a short-term intensive course that cost 2,000 euros per student. Apparently, though, their studies didn’t last too long. The instructor confirmed that the two stopped attending after a month.

Sawajiri lives in the vicinity of this language school, an area popular among the art and fashion minded, with stylish cafes and boutiques as well as historical structures. A Japanese expatriate residing in Barcelona says, “I happen to frequent a restaurant that Takashiro visits regularly. The staff there told me that the couple wasn’t satisfied with a rental apartment that cost 1,500 euros and chose a more expensive place. 1,500 euros is like a 100-square-meter apartment. They must have gotten a pretty extravagant apartment.”

Sawajiri was known for clubbing before her agency terminated their contract, and indeed there are several clubs that would be to her liking in the same area. However, she seems to have found a different way to keep herself entertained. A nightclub staff explained about a “secret” party that requires a member’s introduction to join. “No paparazzi or police, so celebrities can have fun with no worries. Takashiro is well acquainted with DJs overseas, so he has the connections. It’s hard to find out when and where such parties are held because they use coded messages to pass on information.”

And so it appears Sawajiri is enjoying the Spanish nightlife instead of studying. The question is, how long will this last? “She must be getting pretty bored by now,” says a friend of Sawajiri. “She has her pride as an actress and knows well how much she can earn. Something’s bound to happen soon.”

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