"Aishiteru" wins Tokyo Drama Award

Rabu, 21 Oktober 2009 |

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The 3rd International Drama Festival, part of the currently running CoFesta (Japan International Contents Festival), kicked off on Monday. To help start things off, the winners of the 2nd Tokyo Drama Awards were announced.

The Grand Prize went to NTV's "Aishiteru ~Kaiyou~," which starred Izumi Inamori in a moving story about the relationship between a mother and her 10-year-old son, who kills a 7-year-old boy.

"Best Drama" awards were given to "ROOKIES," "Kaze no Garden," "Arifureta Kiseki," and "Soratobu Tire," as well as the tanpatsu dramas "Okaimono" and "Keiji Ichidai: Hiratsuka Hachibe no Showa Jikenshi." For local production dramas, "Okome no Namida" and "Momoyama Onigiriten" both received prizes.

The awards also honored individuals in the Personal Prize category. Kiichi Nakai received Best Performance by an Actor for his role in "Kaze no Garden," while Yuki Amami won Best Performance by an Actress for "BOSS." Similar awards for supporting roles were given to Kenichi Endo and Erika Toda. Two newcomer prizes went to Junpei Mizobata and Umika Kawashima.

"Kaze no Garden" also picked up awards for Best Screenplay (Sou Kuramoto) and Best Director (Rieko Miyamoto). Hisashi Tsugiya was named Best Producer for his work on "Aishiteru."

Special awards were given to the late actor Ken Ogata (whose last work was "Kaze no Garden"), the art staff of "Kurobe no Taiyou," and the production staff of TV Tokyo's "Shinshun Wide Jidaigeki."


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