Who is Hey! Say! JUMP Yaotome Hikaru Interested In?

Rabu, 28 Oktober 2009 |

yaotome hikaru

Yaotome Hikaru sent a message about recent developments. He talked about 'someone' that he has become infatuated with.

Yaotome "From a while ago I've become interested in a certain 'person'. But I'm not going to talk about love (laugh). Sorry, but I'm already in love with bass guitar-chan. And the people who come see us at concerts. The smiles we exchange serve as proof of our love! The 'person' I'm talking about is...actually not a person but a vending machine. Although they might look as if they're just standing alongside the streets, there's more than meets the eye. First, they're so cool they don't care about wind and rain! They absolutely rule. Also, I like how they are always ready to give drinks. They're super duper cool!"

Yaotome also wrote that he is interested in how they are able to keep the beverages dry in the rain. He sounds like he's seriously mesmerized by the 'coolness' of vending machines! Maybe his definition of 'cool' is different from normal people.


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