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Kamis, 15 Oktober 2009 |

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The big names that are going to appear in Oguri Shun’s (26) directorial debut "Someday" are getting leaked left and right. The movie itself is supposed to open next spring and it already got leaked that Koide Keisuke (25) is going to get the starring role while Inoue Mao (22) and Ueto Aya (24) have also been mentioned to be part of the cast among many other big stars.

Oguri didn’t have much problems with finding his starring actor. He asked Koide and he immediately gave his agreement. Of course it won’t be a movie just with Koide. Inoue Mao and Abe Tsuyoshi (27) are going to co-star in this movie as well. Oguri’s junior Tanaka Kei (25) will have a role too, as well as his stage mate Katsudzi Ryo (23), Muro Tsuyoshi (33), Yoshida Koutarou (50) and a couple more.

Other interesting additions are the young rising actor Miura Haruma (19), the always amazing actress Konishi Manami (30) and not to forget Tenchijin’s big star and popular commercial actor Tsumabuki Satoshi (28). The latter is actually a very close friend of Oguri and so it was no surprise for him wanting to support is friend’s directorial debut. Movie insiders also claim that it’s his intention to have a suitable role for the always popular Ueto Aya who already starred in many movies and doramas up to now.

There is also some supposed leaked footage related to the content of his movie. It seems like that the story is basically going to be about a sculptured group of 5 male childhood friend. They raised some trouble and one of them got arrested. Now that he’s being discharged from prison, the 5 of them get together again for another plot, after which they are going to separate again. It’s a story about personal growth, friendship and unity. The highlight is said to be a quarrel scene between all the guys.

Such kind of story is no surprise when you look at who provided Oguri with the script. No other than Crows Zero writer Mutou Shougo is helping him to create yet another nice world that’s primarily focused on men. It’s a dream come true for Oguri to direct his first movie, however, in a radio interview he also said that "I’m almost getting crushed by all this pressure. I always had moments where I thought to myself, Why on earth did you wan to do something like that?". He is going to be the youngest actor to make a debut as director in history. Everyone is wondering what the final movie is going to look like…

And remember, there haven’t been any official announcements regarding the cast as of yet.


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