Mukai Osamu "joins" NICO Touches the Wall

Kamis, 15 Oktober 2009 |

mukai osamu

Rock band NICO Touches the Walls' new single "Kakera - Subete no Omoi Tachi e -," which is set for a November 4th release, will feature popular actor Mukai Osamu on both the CD jacket and in the PV.

"Kakera" will be the theme song for the NTV drama Bocho Mania 09, which begins airing October 22nd. As Mukai is in the lead role, it was decided he'd work with the band. Although Mukai, who usually listens to Western-style and techno music, didn't have any experience working with a band, he said, "I listened to the song about 30 times and practiced so I could sing it at the shoot."

On top of being featured in the PV, Mukai is also on the single's cover in two versions, black and white, to go with the drama's theme of trials/judgement. The black version will only be used as the first press limited edition, so fans will want to get their hands on it before it sells out.

sources: natalie | sports hochi

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