DAIGO to Make Film Debut as Aspiring Photographer

Rabu, 28 Oktober 2009 |


The singer/celebrity DAIGO will appear in his first film titled '君が踊る、夏 / Kimi ga Odoru, Natsu [lit. 'You danced in the summer']'. The movie revolves around the 'Yosakoi Festival' [held in Kochi Prefecture] and DAIGO will become one of the several main young characters. On October 26th DAIGO talked about it in his blog. "Surprise! I'm going to make my film debut!!" DAIGO's character is called 'Ishiguro Tomoya', who is working hard to become a pro photographer. He's a few years older than the main character played by actor Mizobata Junpei. The filming is underway, and DAIGO again in his blog wrote how excited he was. "It's been a while since I performed as an actor, so I'm a bit nervous. But I'm going to do my best."

The movie was written by playwright Iwashita Yuko and director Katsuki Hideyuki, and is partly based on a true story. There are many variants of the 'Yosakoi Festival' being held nationwide, but Kochi is where the first Yosakoi was held. The deeply moving film focuses on several young people who are given strength to live by becoming related to the Kochi 'Yosakoi Festival'. Along with the lead actor Mizobata, Kinami Haruka will play the heroine 'Kaori'. Omori Ayane will become Kaori's sister 'Sakura', who is battling a grave illness. Shinpei's best friend 'Tsukasa' will be played Igarashi Shunji. The young actors will be supported by such veterans as Takashima Reiko and Miyazaki Yoshiko. The film is set to premiere in autumn 2010.

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