SMAP: one day you're in and the next're out?

Rabu, 21 Oktober 2009 |


Here's something that came out in Shunkan Bunshun last month.

SMAP's popularity is on the decline. For many years they were called national idols and anything they appeared in would get massive ratings, but all that is beginning to collapse. Their drama ratings have fallen and their show SMAPxSMAP, which at one point was pulling in over 30%, is now closer to 10%. TV stations are now focusing more on Arashi. Furthermore, all of this will have an impact on who will be succeeding the throne to Johnny's Jimusho.

Having realized SMAP just aren't what they used to be, TV stations have started putting their feelers out to find another talent to replace them. However, their reliance on Johnny's hasn't changed. A showbiz insider said,"Their interest has shifted from SMAP to Arashi. Back in August after Arashi's Kokuritsu concert, they had a big party at a hotel where Fuji and NTV executives greeted them - something unthinkable back in SMAP's heyday."

Apparently the whole SMAP situation is having an effect on who will be successor to Johnny's Jimusho, something TV stations are keeping their eyes on. "Right now it's beetween Iijima Michi, who has been managing SMAP, and Fujishima Julie Keiko, daughter of Vice President Mary Kitagawa.

Due to her association with SMAP people are turning their backs on Iijima as well. "Recently Johnny drunkenly said to a TV show staffer, 'Are you with Iijima? Or Julie? All the stations should drop Iijima and go with Julie.'"


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