Actors Yamamoto and Seto Afraid of Young Playwright

Jumat, 13 November 2009 |

Yusuke Yamamotoseto koji

The award ceremony of the '21st Fuji Television Young Scenario Taisho [Award]' was held. The award helps young writers pave their way to become popular playwrights. The 21 year old actors Yamamoto Yusuke and Seto Kouji appeared at the ceremony. Yamamoto presented a bouquet of flowers to Kuwamura Sayaka, who was awarded the grand prize from among 1450 contestants. The script she wrote titled '輪廻の雨 / Rinne no Ame [lit. 'Rain of Reincarnation']' is set to become a TV drama.

The two actors will both appear in the drama scheduled for broadcast this winter. The lead actor Yamamoto becomes the older brother of a mentally disabled younger brother (Seto). The older brother learns that the younger brother is being physically abused at work by the factory manager. The older brother ends up murdering the manager. Kuwamura came to see how the filming was progressing. [Since she had never seen a drama being filmed before] Kuwamura was very nervous. Yamamoto had been worried about tackling his difficult role, but by misunderstanding Kuwamura's demeanor became anxious about an entirely different matter as well. "At first, I didn't know she [Kuwamura] was nervous, so I thought she was angry at us. I began to worry that she wasn't pleased with the way we were portraying her characters."

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