AKB48 Atsuki Ishiguro dropped out because dating

Selasa, 29 Juni 2010 |

AKB48 Atsuki Ishiguro

Nikkan Sports is reporting that Atsuki Ishiguro (16) was dropped from AKB48's kenkyuusei for breaking the group's policy against dating. Earlier this month, a picture of her and a boy taken in a photo booth was leaked onto the internet.

The photo was leaked during the voting period of AKB48's most recent "senbatsu" election, which determined the lineup for the group's next single. On June 9, the senbatsu results were announced, and Ishiguro was revealed to be #40, giving her the final spot in the 19-member "under girl" unit that will record the single's B-side. At the time, Ishiguro was still just a candidate for the official Team Kenkyuusei.

On June 12, AKB48's Team Kenkyuusei selection process took place, and the results were announced on June 20. Despite being popular enough to make the cut in the senbatsu, she was one of three girls who failed the selection - the other two were Momoko Kinumoto (15) and Sara Fujimoto (13). At the same time, another kenkyuusei member, Eri Takamatsu (17), left the group on her own.

According to Nikkan Sports, Ishiguro failed the selection because of the photo. A source familiar with the situation said that it was unfortunate because the photo seems to be old, implying that Ishiguro is not currently dating. There is even speculation that the photo may have been taken before Ishiguro joined the group of kenkyuusei candidates this past September, but there has been no confirmation of that. Still, AKB48's no-dating policy is strictly enforced, evidenced by the previous dismissal of Ayaka Kikuchi (16) in 2008. A separate source explained that the management has no choice but to set an example for the many other members.

It was not made clear whether someone will replace Ishiguro in the "under girls" for the upcoming single, which goes on sale on August 18.


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