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Selasa, 29 Juni 2010 |

Aragaki Yui

Next month the popular monthly photo mook series "Gekkan Series" will feature actress Aragaki Yui (23) in her first big photo collection since "Nikkori" 3 years ago. Every month the Gekkan series features a popular female talent in various artistic and often daring photo spreads.

The mook will work as promotion for her upcoming movie "Hanamizuki" that will open on August 21. Several pictures were taken in between the filming in New York and show us a more mature Gakky. It is actually her first big collection of photographs since she turned 20. "I hope you are going to enjoy the new Aragaki Yui just as much as the old one," Gakky commented with a lot of self-confidence.

It seems like she's currently trying to get a more mature image. "Hanamizuki" features Gakky in a mature love story in where she has to play the same woman in the stretch of 10 years. Similar to the mature theme of the movie, the photo mook features her in various gorgeous dresses to make her look more mature and shows a Gakky with a lot more gloomy expressions instead of her trademark smile. This month she turned 22, so you can't blame her for trying to tone down her cute image. Of course we are still going to see her smile a few times and also pictures with a very natural atmosphere like Gakky taking a walk or Gakky eating a pizza.

One party dress must have suited her very well in particular, since the staff repeatedly complimented her looks when wearing it. Gakky looked back at the shooting, "We've taken some very beautiful pictures from perspectives we've never tried before. The shooting was very stimulating and a lot of fun."

The photo mook "Gekkan Aragaki Yui Special" featuring the new "Adult Gakky" will go on sale on July 22, 2010.


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