Yui 5th album Holidays in the Sun

Rabu, 16 Juni 2010 |


After two years and three months, YUI will be releasing her 5th original album "HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN" on July 14th this year. With her latest single "to Mother" only released on June 2nd, she was able to reach the top position of ORICON charts with five releases in a row, making it a record, which was last reached by Utada Hikaru 6 years ago making her the second ever in history. All five singles, who created this record, will re gathered on this new album, which is a first timer for a female singer-song-writer.

In accordance to the release of "HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN" YUI commented: "It's really been a long time since the last album, and I am just a little nervous about it. (laughs) During these two years, towards all the people, who have supported me, all friends and relatives and more than anything the fans, who have been anticipating my activities - I am so full of gratitude. Thank you so much! This album has become a record with a great number of memories of mine. It's something I am proud of. I'd be really happy if lots of people listened to it and am looking forward to your support."


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