Model IMALU in magazine Anan

Selasa, 29 Juni 2010 |


Model and singer, IMALU, appeared in the magazine “anan” and talked about her parents. IMALU has been bashed on the internet that she was not good enough to be on TV. She is the daughter of Akashiya Sanma (a big name comedian) and Otake Shinobu (veteran actress), and she debuted through the influence of her parents.

IMALU said on the magazine, “I know that I’m here because of my parents, and I’m not enough to be at the position I am right now.”

Having big name celebrity parents is not always a good thing, and people will expect her to be as great as her parents, but she also said positively, “I have tried many things, and it made my world a lot bigger. I will challenge anything from now on.”


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