Noriko Aota suspend work for her lover Koji Tamaki

Kamis, 10 Juni 2010 |

Noriko Aota

Talento Noriko Aota (42) announced on her blog on Friday that she is on self-suspension for an indefinite period of time, as a result of her relationship with Anzen Chitai vocalist Koji Tamaki (51).

It was learned last month that Aota and Tamaki are dating. Although she was warned by her agency, Oscar Promotion, to avoid being seen in public together, they were photographed at the airport on May 23. In front of the reporters there, Tamaki made several unexpected statements, including a claim that Oscar Promotion has made Aota quit and a public declaration that he and Aota are having sex.

With Aota's agency upset by Tamaki's actions, she decided to mitigate further problems with her self-imposed hiatus. At the same time, she denied that there are problems between Tamaki and Oscar Promotion. It is not known how long the suspension will last.


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