Matsushita Yuya debut album I AM ME in Korea

Kamis, 10 Juni 2010 |

Matsushita Yuya

R&B singer Matsushita Yuya, who is playing the lead role in Musical Kuroshitsuji (lit. Black Butler), has released the 1st album "I AM ME" through CD and online digital music in South Korea, as well as in Japan.

Matsushita Yuya made his debut in 2008 and had his one-man tour sold out before the album released. On his official website, he wrote some message to his Korean fans in Korean: "Everyone in South Korea, nice to meet you! This is Matsushita Yuya. I am totally happy and surprised to have 'I AM ME' released overseas especially in South Korea. It's like a dream that my first album can debut overseas. And I wish all of you in South Korea would enjoy this album. I'd be happy to hold a live and meet you in South Korea in the future. Please keep on supporting me as always."

Having celebrated his 20th birthday last month, Matsushita Yuya is heading for a busy schedule with release events and live concerts in the near future.


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