Government bans Miyabi from visiting Indonesi

Kamis, 15 Oktober 2009 |

maria ozawa miyabi

Acting Culture and Tourism Minister Mohammad Nuh has issued a directive to deny entry to Japanese adult video star Maria “Miyabi” Ozawa to Indonesia.

Nuh, who is also the communications and information minister, said in a press release made available to Antara on Tuesday the directive was shown to the producer and director of a comedy film currently in production titled Menculik Miyabi (Kidnapping Miyabi) during a meeting at his office earlier in the day.

Nuh asked Odi Mulya Hidayat from Maxima Pictures, as the sponsor of Miyabi's planned visit here, to heed the directive and cancel the starlet’s visit, which has triggered an outcry from the religious right.

At the meeting, Maxima Pictures agreed to keep to the directive in order to avoid the controversy from drawing out, the release said.

Odi said he had to cancel Miyabi's visit and postpone the making of the film due to strong public opposition to the plan.

Dozens of students of the State Islamic Institute in Kudus, Central Java, took to the streets to protest Miyabi's planned visit to Indonesia. They torched women's underwear during their protest.

Women activists, however, had welcomed Miyabi’s visit.

The immigration office has not issued a ban against her.

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