Gackt 10 years full of gratitude

Selasa, 15 Desember 2009 |


GACKT kept himself busy throughout 2009. He was asked to express what this year was like for him using just one kanji letter.

With a brush he masterfully wrote '謝 (Sha; gratitude)'. "For the past 10 years, my fans have continued to stay beside me, and even when I was acting on a whim they were there to support me. They have also always showed and expressed how happy they were to see me. I feel very grateful to have such fans."

He then quietly but passionately continued. "For these 10 years I've been working to 'become' a creator. Now having achieved that, for the next 10 years I have to make various works of art to express the many sides of myself as that creator. I hope everyone will be there to see and understand each step I take. I will put into concrete form the things I should and can do as a creator. I pledge to send you works that will fascinate everybody. Please look forward to them."

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