Japan Sora Aoi in Drama Glory Days

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sora aoi glory days
sora aoi glory days

In the newest issue of Metropolis (a popular magazine intended for foreign audiences in Japan), they are featuring Aoi Sora. Basically, Metropolis claims that the japan industry has gotten a lot better since its Yakuza driven days. Headlined by stars like Aoi Sora, popular AV stars are using AV as a spring board to other ventures such as J-Drama. If you didn’t know, Aoi Sora did that in 2006 in the drama called “Glory Days.”

An excerpt:

“Indeed, Aoi is the first of a new breed, a symbol of the AV industry that was rocked in 2000 by actress Ai Iijima’s tell-all book, Platonic Sex, which revealed the business to be as seedy as everyone had suspected. According to Iijima, AV was awash with girls picked up off the streets, unable to say no to lurid propositions or simply in need of cash. Platonic Sex inspired a change in the industry and propelled Iijima to stardom as a TV commentator, while new, “clean” companies revolutionized the business with no yakuza involvement at all.”

About Sora Aoi

Sora Aoi, also known very well as Sola Aoi is a Japanese AV superstar, very popular in Japan. She does fully hot modelling and media stuff. Her stardome eventually overflowed into a mainstream career for herself.

Sora is often referred to as Japan’s Jenna Jameson, primarily because she’s one of the most popular japanese idol ever. And of course she’s super sexy!

» Birthday: November 11, 1983 (she’s 25 years old currently)
» Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
» Measurements: 90 (G cup)-58-83cm, which is 35-23-33 inches
» Height: 1.55m, (5ft 1in)
» Eye Color: Brown
» Hair Color: Brown

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